2024 Ag Retailer of the Year

Is your ag retail business a high performer, held in high regard by your employees, customers and community? Get recognized for your efforts through ARA's Retailer of the Year Award, sponsored by Bayer.

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Applications should be brief – the submitted application document (not including supporting documents) should not exceed 6 pages.

Applicants should submit a document responding to the 4 criteria below. The following criteria and bullet points are intended as prompts only, and applicants should respond only to those bullet points that apply to their business.

Criteria - How do you…

  • People
    1. Employees – How do you hire, develop and retain a skilled team of professional staff? What resources do you provide for professional development and certifications?
    2. Customers – How do you maintain dynamic strategic relationships with key customers? Do you help them manage risk in their business?  How do you meet and exceed the needs and expectations of customers, especially in the busy season?
    3. Safety – What special efforts have you taken to protect your people, customers and neighbors? Do you have facilities participating in ResponsibleAg, and if so, how many are certified?
  • Business and Technology Innovation
    1. Customers – How do you bring value to customers by testing and deploying new products, technologies and services?
    2. Business – provide examples of process innovation within the business – how do you optimize asset utilization, use tools like eBusiness integrations, manage business risk and use cutting-edge management tools?
    3. Future-oriented – how do you scan for structural and industry changes and seek opportunities in them?
  • Environment & Sustainability
    1. What does your company do to demonstrate respect for the environment beyond regulatory compliance?
    2. What practices have been implemented within your business to advance environmental stewardship and sustainability?
  • Community & Industry Leadership
    1. Describe your company’s membership, involvement and leadership in industry associations. (ARA membership is required to be eligible for this award).
    2. Describe your company and employee involvement in community organizations. How does your company contribute to the social fabric of the communities where you operate?

Optionally, applicants may also submit documents like letters of reference (maximum of two), company communications, etc. that support the application.