2021-2022 YSKC Video Audition Submission Form

Deadline To Upload/Submit Audition Videos is May 15, 2021 at 11:59 pm

As of August 2020 all YSKC acceptance auditions are being held and administered via video audition recordings.  Your videos can be uploaded through this form.

Please note:  All students auditioning must register and pay for their audition BEFORE submitting this form and videos.  If you have not done so please visit youthsymphonykc.org

If you have already registered you do not need to register/pay again.

Instructions for recording and submitting your audition videos:

    • Videos can be produced using a cell phone, computer or other audio/video recording device. Please make sure to test audio quality before recording and eventual submission/upload.


    • String, woodwind and brass students auditioning will be required to submit two separate videos. One video will include your solo of choice and the other will include the excerpt of choice.  Percussion students auditioning can perform all excerpts separately.  Separate percussion videos must then be compiled into one single video submission.


    • Solos and excerpts do not need to be memorized.


    • No verbal communication is allowed on your video. Please do not identify yourself or speak during the recording process.  Students verbalizing or talking in any form during their video recording will be disqualified.


    • Please do not play behind a music stand, screen, partition or wall.  Brass and woodwind players must have mouthpiece, hands and fingers all in focus on video recording.  String students must have both left and right hands in video at all times. Percussion students should have hands, mallets/sticks and instrument in view at all times.


    • Strings/Woodwinds/Brass: After recording your two videos please upload separately to YOUTUBE and mark both as UNLISTED.  Percussion:  Compile all separate excerpt videos into one single video and upload to YOUTUBE and mark as UNLISTED.


    • It is highly recommended that you test your YouTube links by having at least 2-3 other individuals open the links and check for you.


    • Video upload submissions are due by 11:59 PM on May 15, 2021. However, you are more than welcome to upload videos at your earliest convenience up until May 15th.


    • Questions? Please contact Russ Pieken at rpieken@youthsymphonykc.org
Video audition submissions are final and cannot be changed or exchanged.

Audition results will be posted on the YSKC webpage by June 1, 2021
You will receive an email when results are posted.
Accepted students will receive information regarding rehearsal schedules, concerts, etc.

All orchestra/ensemble placements are final.
Audition scores, outcomes and judge comments are not shared or discussed with students, parents or teachers.