Thank you for joining Reliant’s Behavioral Health Webinar series.  We are interested in knowing if the service was helpful for you.  We value and appreciate your feedback and it will be used to improve our services.  This survey is completely voluntary and the information that you provide is anonymous.


Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements:

The information presented in the webinar was easy to understand. *
The webinar provided me with useful information about mental health. *
The webinar provided me with tools I can use to manage my mental health. *
The webinar was helpful for managing my mental health. *
The webinar has significantly reduced my need for in-person services. *
I did not experience any technical difficulties using the webinar platform. *
Which webinar did you view? *
The presenter was knowledgeable *
The presenter kept my interest. *
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Thank you for your time.