2023 Marshall Boats Unaccompanied Minor Waiver

This Permission Form will allow your minor to take out a boat from Marshall Boats for the 2023 Season.
Before filling out this form make sure:
1) You child/minor has completed the ACA Paddlesports
2) You and your child has watched the Madison Boats Video.
Parent/Guardian Information

ACA Boater Safety Information



The minor has watched the Madison Boats Online Training Video. *
As the parent/guardian I have watched the Madison Boats Online Training Video. *

Marshall Boats Rules

As the parent/guardian I agree to, and will ensure the minor knows and abides by, the following rules: *
 I Agree
The minor knows and will act within the limits of their boating and swimming capabilities.       
The minor must wear their PFD at all times – including when swimming from the watercraft.
The minor will not bring, consume, or be under the influence of DRUGS and or ALCOHOL when using boats.  
The minor will comply with all Federal, State, and local laws pertaining to the operation of watercraft, if you are unclear on laws please visit www.boat-ed.com.
Employees are not first responders or trained emergency responders and that all activities are unsupervised and at your own risk.
Employees have the right to deny access to watercraft to reduce risk under questionable safety conditions, including but not limited to: current or incoming weather; assessment of participants boating capabilities; or the inability to provide necessary assistance services in the event of an accident.  
The minor will listen to and respect all reasonable requests from staff. 
Boating is weather dependent. The minor will heed all warnings and will return to the boathouse at the first sign of storms, high winds, lightning, thunder or severe weather.  
The minor will respect other boaters and refrain from acting in any manner that may cause or contribute to injuries to self or others or disrupt other boaters’ enjoyment of the water.          
The minor will make sure that they are paddling with a buddy or that they have provided a detailed paddle plan to you.
You and/or the minor is responsible for assessing and reporting any damages prior to taking the boat on the water and for returning the watercraft in the same condition as taken. You are responsible for any loss or damage of equipment by this minor.
You will pay all fees when due. Disputes regarding fees, use of equipment or equipment damage fees shall be resolved through informal discussion between the member and management. If unable to agree both parties will cooperate in choosing an arbitrator and the findings of the arbitrator shall be final. If the parties cannot agree on a single arbitrator, they shall each choose an arbitrator and the two arbitrators shall choose a third arbitrator and act as a panel. If there are any arbitration costs, the parties shall share them equally.
I agree to the following rules and have explained the rules to the listed minor. (Use mouse or touchscreen to sign) *
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