Marshall Boats Group Request Form

Thanks for your interest in bringing your group down to Marshall Boats.
Please know that by filling out the form below you are submitting a request. Your request however, is not accepted until you receive an email confirmation from Marshall Boats' Manager, Dean Leeper.
Any questions, please email
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Date(s) Requested

If your field trip will take place when Marshall Boats is closed (May or Sept.), it will cost a minimum of $500.00 to reserve the boat house and the staff for the day.

To receive our group 20% discount you must fill out this request form 10 days prior to the date requested, and you must have your group request accepted by the manager. Any questions please email
There is a $20 non-refundable deposit to make a group reservation. (If dates are unavailable, we will refund the deposit)
School Group Packages: Please select your boating preference. All packages include basic paddle and safety instruction as well as life jackets and any paddles or equipment needed for the boat. *

If you selected Choice Boats, please know that the students options are dependant on the weather and wind. Please email us a schedule of your day/rotations or any activities you are plan to acomplish. There may be an additional fee depending on the schedule or activities.

Deposit needed to be paid today:


Instruction/group guide: If you would like to schedule a group lesson, or a guide who will go out with your group, it will cost an additional $50 per hour per instructor. If interested, please click the box below and a manager will each out to you with more details and availability. *
We offer a variety of concessions from $1-$5 (soda, chips, ice cream, hot dogs, cookies and candy). Would like to make concessions available to your group to purchase? *
For group food we can off the following: *

Group Rules

All Boat House Rules must be followed at all times. Click here to review the rules.
In addtion, please read the following Group Rules and sign below acknowledging that your group will follow all the rules.

1. Please set up home base in the park. We will set up two picnic tables for your group (unless an agreement has been made otherwise)

2. Depending on the group size, there must be at least 1 Teachers/Chaperones out on the water with students. (We suggest 5 boats to 1 chaperone)

3. There will be a $50 rescue fee, for any unnecessary rescue or if someone tip their boats.

4. Marshall Boats has the right to cancel due to weather or change the type of boat.

5. Every participant under the age of 18 is required to have a waiver signed by a guardian, these waivers must be brought to the boat house. Failure to bring waivers will result in postponing or canceling the trip.

6. Every adult that goes out on the water will need to sign a waiver.

7. Teachers/Group Leaders will be responsible for managing their groups.

8. All group balances must be paid the day of the group outting. 

9. Depending on group and programs needs, a down payment may be required to secure your reservation. 

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