ICMS understands that the COVID-19 pandemic may have impacted the financial situation of some of our current students - and we want to help.
ICMS has put together a temporary financial assistance package of up to $1500 for those current students whose financial situtation has changed and therefore has affected their ability to pay tuition fees before the commencement of the following terms:
* May 20 Undergraduate Term - Closing date: 30th April 2020
* July 20 Postgraduate Term - Closing Date: 30th April 2020

Section 1: Student details

Section 2: Eligibility criteria

An objective of this temporary financial assistance is to broaden the support for students affected by the impacts of COVID-19 that are currently omitted from various other benefits or relief schemes.  

Students will NOT be considered as eligible where they will be receiving any other form of financial support for the May or July 2020 term such as Domestic student FEE-Help, various current student Scholarships, High Academic Places, Bursaries, government support payments and or any other discounts offered by the College. *
You may request temporary financial assistance if you are ( tick all that applies): *

Section 3: Financial details

Please specify your weekly expenses below: *
 Specify in AUD $
Weekly income after tax
Weekly rent/ accommodation costs
Weekly food costs
Weekly phone costs
Weekly electricity/ gas & water costs
Weekly travel costs
Other weekly costs
NET WEEKLY INCOME ( after tax)

Section 4: Supporting documentation

Section 6: Declaration

Declaration Statement * 🛈
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