Instruction: For use by students seeking to withdraw entirely from their studies and discontinue their enrolment at the Institution or withdrawing from enrolled subject(s) after they have commenced their study.

Section 1: Student details

Section 2: Withdrawal request

Are you studying on a student visa? *
Have you completed six months of your principal course?

The principal course of study refers to the main course of study to be undertaken where a student visa has been issued for multiple courses of study ( E.g. diploma + bachelor = principal course is bachelor) *
Please Note:
As per Standard 7 of the National Code overseas students cannot transfer between registered providers prior to completing six calendar months of their principal course. Please refer to the Transfer Between Providers Policy and Release Request Procedures for further information.
Please note:
As an international student studying in Australia on a student visa, you must maintain full-time study load at all times.
Accordingly, you are not eligible to withdraw from any subjects at this stage, please refer to the Change of Study Load Procedures for further information. 
Please note:

- If you withdraw after the Census Date but before the academic withdrawal date you will incur in a financial penalty.
- If you withdraw after Census Date and after the academic withdrawal date you will incur in both financial and academic penalty.

Please refer to the Grading Policy for further information. 
Please Note:
Students whose withdrawal is approved may choose to exit with an alternative award (i.e. a lower level nested qualification) as long as they meet the following criteria:
- they have satisfied all the requirements of the chosen nested qualification, AND
- their withdrawal application has been approved.
Please refer to the Qualification Issuance Procedures for further information.
Please indicate if you wish to apply for an exit with an alternative award (should your withdrawal application be successful) *
Please refer to the ICMS Qualifications and Issuance Procedures for more information and to access the E-form. 

Section 3: Supporting documentation

No evidence is required as part of this application.

Section 4: Feedback

Section 5: Declaration

Declaration Statement: * 🛈
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