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Medical Details

Please note that the College will treat this information confidentially, and will only be used by our Student Success Centre Manager to support you further during your time at ICMS.
Do you have a disability, impairment or long term medical condition which may affect your studies? *
Please Indicate the areas of Impairment *
Here at ICMS, we can provide you with additional support on services, equipment and facilities by creating an Individual Academic Access Plan. An Individual Academic Access Plan will ensure you succeed in your studies and is tailored to your learning needs. Upon completion of this eform, you will receive instructions on how to crate your Individual Academic Access Plan for this study period.

Release of Personal Details

Do you wish to have someone act on your behalf with ICMS? Please note this will also allow ICMS to share any academic/ personal information with this approved third person should they request it. *
Agree to Release of Details

Student Declaration

  1. I accept, will comply with and be bound by all policies and procedures applicable before, during and after my enrolment at the Institution.  I understand that these instruments may be amended from time to time and I am responsible for regularly reviewing current policies and procedures published in the Policy Library
  2. I will behave in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct (“Code”) at all times and understand that any breach of the Code will be considered an act of misconduct and will be dealt with as such.
  3. I understand that all information and documentation that I supply in relation to my enrolment must be complete and correct. I understand that the Institution may refuse, terminate or otherwise vary my enrolment or any decision made in relation to my enrolment on the basis of inaccurate, misleading or incomplete information. I understand that the Institution is not responsible or liable for any errors resulting from inaccurate or incomplete information provided by me.
  4. I agree to update my personal information, including contact information, held by the Institution within seven working days of making any changes through my student account or by contacting the Student Centre.
  5. I agree to notify the Student Centre of a change to my circumstances that might adversely affect the status of my enrolment or course progression.
  6. I understand that the Institution uses the student email account as its primary source of communication with students. I agree to use my student email account for all formal communication with the Institution and that I will check my student email account daily.
  7. I agree to pay any fees and payments related to my enrolment or graduation, including any ongoing FEE-HELP obligations, by the relevant due dates. I understand that failure to do so may result in my access to the Institution’s services being cancelled or restricted, that my enrolment may be cancelled and that action may be taken to recover any outstanding amounts.
  8. I am responsible for any Institution equipment and facilities that I use. I agree to pay for the repair or replacement of equipment or facilities damaged or lost while in my possession or use.
  9. If I am under 18 years of age when I commence my study at the Institution, I agree that:
    1. I will comply with any age restrictions including those relating to any compulsory course components including work integrated learning placements, and
    2. if required by law or regulation, I will obtain parental or guardian consent for any particular activity and provide that consent to the Institution.
  10. I understand that the Institution collects personal information about me, including my image (e.g. photo ID) and my health information (e.g. disability support) where relevant, to manage my enrolment and to facilitate the provision of support and student services where applicable.
  11. I consent to the Institution using my personal information for any purpose it deems necessary to carry out its educational, administrative and operational functions, including the use of my personal images for marketing/engagement purposes.
  12. I understand that the Institution may disclose my personal information to a person or organisation external to the Institution where:
    • required or permitted by law, including where the disclosure is required for the Institution to comply with its mandatory or contractual reporting requirements to government departments or agencies, statutory or regulatory bodies and/or their agents;
    • necessary for any reason related to my enrolment as a student;
    • required as part of any mandatory reporting requirements for international students;
    • required for third party information technology service providers engaged by the Institution to provide services and support on behalf of the Institution;
    • required for work-integrated learning placements purposes including administration, background checks, accreditation purposes or for any inherent requirements;
    • to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the life, health or safety of any person, or damage to the Institution’s property; or
    • I have otherwise provided my express consent to the Institution.
I understand and agree to the following *