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UK Mega Technology Mission to Malaysia 2017 - Company Expression of Interest (EOI) Registration Form.

Please complete all sections below if you are interested and wish to be considered as a company delegate on a 3 day UK Mega Technology Mission to Malaysia starting on Monday 9th October until 11th Oct 2017.

Company Details

Company representatives wishing to participate on trade mission. There is no maximum number of delegates per company

Company technology profile/capability: Please provide up to 300 words of company profile describing your technology and or service offer. (If you attended either the South Korea or Japan mega technology trade missions you do not need to complete this section)

Please describe what your ideal buyer/business partner in Malaysia would look like. Sector(s)operating in, size of company, etc...

Please provide details of companies/organisations (including government) in Malaysia that you are interested in meeting

Please specify your company's primary operating technology sector

Please select which technology sub sector below is representative of your core offer
Yes / No ?
Information Security
Data Analytics
Semi Conductor Design
Smart Cities
Electronic Systems
Artificial Intelligence

Which of the following Malaysian National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) would your technology be suitable for?

Please select which NKEAs your are targeting. You can select more than one.
Yes / No ?
Great Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley (Smart Cities)
Oil, Gas and Energy
Palm Oil and Rubber
Wholesale and Retail
Financial Services
Electronics and Electrical
Business Services
Communications, content and Infrastruture

The UK Mega Technology Trade Mission to Malaysia will focus on 8 technology themes (Pillars). Please select the theme(s) that you best represent

Please select which theme is most appropriate.
Yes / No?
Connected IOT (Smart Technologies)
Data Analytics
Cyber Security (incl: Information Security)
E-commerce / Cloud
AR / VR / AI
Incubators / Accelerators

Types of partnership or collaboration that you are looking for in Malaysia

Please select which theme is most appropriate.
Yes / No ?
Joint Venture
Local agent / Distributor
Thank you for completing the form.
We would hope to confirm your participation on UK Mega Technology Trade Mission as soon as possible.
We aim to notify the outcome of your registration within 5 working days.

Keith Grant | Senior Account Manager | Technology Team | International Trade & Investment

Department for International Trade | 1 Victoria Street | London SW1H 0ET


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