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**If you have a specific pup you are interested in, please be sure to read their entire bio before filling out this application** Please note: We do not adopt pups to applicants who have an unfenced pool or water feature. Do not apply if you have an unfenced pool or water feature. If you plan to fence your pool or water feature please do so BEFORE applying.

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our special rescue pups. Upon receiving your completed application below, we will contact you to review your application and schedule a home visit. We look forward to working with you.

There is an adoption donation of $350 per dog (unless otherwise stated) over one year.  For puppies under one year, the adoption donation is $500 (unless otherwise stated).  Bichon Rescue of Orange County is an all ¬≠volunteer community of animal lovers who work together to save and re¬≠home non-shedding dogs in need. Your adoption donation helps to pay for medical treatment, grooming, food, and all of the expenses associated with fostering the dogs. Your adoption donation does not pay for the medical treatment and care of the dog you are adopting; previous donations from generous contributors have already provided for those costs. Your donation allows us to continue our mission of saving as many lives as possible through our rescue and adoption efforts.

Thank you,

BROC Leadership Team

Your Contact Information

Preferred Contact Method: *
Are you willing to travel to Orange County to meet a dog? *

About Your New Dog

Have you read and understand the particulars regarding the specific pup you listed above? Do you acknowledge that you can meet the needs of this dog? *
Do you prefer a: *
Does everyone in your home want this dog? *

Your Home

Do you live in a: *
Do you own or rent your home? *
Has your landlord approved having a dog in your home? *
Do you have a pool or water feature in your yard?  Please note: We do not adopt pups to applicants who have an unfenced pool or water feature. Do not apply if you have an unfenced pool or water feature. If you plan to fence your pool or water feature please do so BEFORE applying. *
Is your pool or water feature fenced? *
Is your home more than one story? *
Does your home have stairs? *
Are the stairs covered in carpet? *
Do you have a dog door? *

Animals Currently Living In Your Home

Do you have CATS or OTHER PETS besides dogs living in your home? *

More About You

Have you ever had a dog before? *
Bichons and Bichon mixes require regular grooming for hair, ears, eyes and nail care. Are you prepared to provide these services? *
Do you use a monthly chemical flea, tick or heartworm product? *
Are you willing to accept responsibility for providing your dog with regular veterinary and dental care? *
Are you familiar with training a dog on basic commands such as sit, stay, off, etc.? *
Many Bichon's live for 15 years or more. Are you prepared to care for this dog for its lifetime? *


Who will care for the dog if you are unable?
We greatly appreciate your interest in working with Bichon Rescue of Orange County to find your perfect pup. We often look for volunteers to assist us in the areas listed below. If any of these opportunities interest you, we'd love to have you join our volunteer teams.
If you would like to become a BROC foster, please fill out a foster application using the link below. Thank you. 
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I understand, that the dog I adopt will live indoors and will not be left outside unattended. I understand, if for any reason I, or my designated caregiver, are unable or unwilling to keep this dog, I will return the dog to Bichon Rescue of Orange County (BROC)! I understand the non-refundable adoption donation is $350.00 ($500 for puppies under one year). I further understand that once I have adopted, I will be notified of all BROC activities and events. I am at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
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