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When you find that you can no longer keep your companion, it is difficult to feel comfortable leaving them behind. Pets are members of the family, and owners need to feel secure knowing that they will be safe and happy when they are being cared for by someone else. BROC understands your relationship with your pet and the need to have someone you trust caring for them when you are no longer able. We care for your friends’ needs as if they were our own. Questions in this profile cover your dog’s social skills, obedience history, and medical information. There may be more than one answer to some questions. Please use the space at the end of the form to add any additional information about your dog.

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About Your Dog

Dog's Gender: *
Vaccinations Current: *
Why is this dog without a family? *

Please check all that apply to your pup: *

How Does Your Pup Interact With The Following:
Adult male people? *
Adult female people? *
Children? *
Crowds of people? *
A stranger people in the house? *
Other dogs (adult, puppies, large, small) at the foster home? *
Other dogs (adult, puppies, large, small) at the dog park? *
Other dogs (adult, puppies, large, small) at the beach? *
Other dogs (adult, puppies, large, small) when food or toys are involved? *
Cats? *
Kittens? *

How Does Your Pup Respond To:
Thunderstorms? *
Fireworks? *
Hairdryer? *
Vacuum cleaner? *
Other sounds? *

We currently have the medical records from: *
Does your pup suffer from any of these issues on a chronic basis: *
Is your pup taking any current medication? *
Brand of flea/tick medication administered: *

What type of food do you feed your dog? *
What is your dog's eating behavior? *
Is this dog food motivated? *
Does this dog allow someone to touch his/her food? *
Will this dog sit politely for food or a treat? *
Does this dog take food/treat: *
Does your dog play in the water bowl? *

Is your pup housebroken *
Doggie door trained? *
Command used for bathroom: *
Will alert owner when dog needs to go out? *
Alert used: *
Dog prefers to go on: *
Loose stool? *
If yes, why? *
Does your dog mark territory? *
Does your dog lift their leg? *
Does the dog eat feces? *

At home where does your dog sleep? *
Bedtime for your dog is: *
Dog wakes by: *

HOUSE MANNERS - please check all that apply
Puts paws on counters/tables: *
Chews furniture *
Chews anything on the floor: *
Lays or jumps on couch: *
Begs for people food: *
Can climb stairs: *

Dog has never been left alone (no other dog or human) for more than ______ hours per day. *
Dog has never been left alone (no human) for more than ______ hours per day. *
Alone inside the house dog: *
Alone outside the dog: *
Does this dog have separation anxiety? (If yes, dog should be with a stay-at-home family!) *
Recommendation for dog to be crated: *

When attempting to touch the dogs mouth: *
When attempting to touch the dogs ears: *
When attempting to touch the dogs paws: *
When attempting to touch the dogs back: *
When attempting to touch the dogs tummy: *
When attempting to touch the dogs tail: *
If you touch a part of the dog that is sensitive, the dog will: *

Is dog bathed in a: *
Holds still for nail clipping? *
Holds still for teeth brushing? *
Coat length *
Brushing: *

Does your pup know the basics? Please check commands that the dog responds well to. *
Advance commands known: *

During playtime, please check all the items that you dog loves and leave blanks the ones that he or she does not prefer:
Chew Toys:
Other Toys:
Fetch Toys:
Outdoor Activities:
Quiet Activities:

When on a leash, my dog: *
When off leash, my dog: *
When in the car, my dog: *

In order for us to care for you pup in the best way possible, please check all that apply *
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