2019 - J.C.I.T. PROGRAM - FOR AGES 12 TO 13

The Art Camp's JUNIOR COUNSELOR IN TRAINING program allows a limited number of teens to develop skills, emphasize strengths and support their weaknesses as leaders in a creative and safe environment.  This is a five-day a week program. JCITS will work for ONE of our TWO sessions. If you are interested in working BOTH sessions, please note that on your application and we will try to accommodate you. Our program provides teenagers the opportunity to work closely with children, peers and adults in a fun, artistic setting. It also provides a valuable opportunity to develop their leadership skills and broaden their horizons while being involved in camp-related activities. We believe that our JCIT program is a tremendous learning experience for all who are involved.  Our JCIT program will help expand these young adults abilities all in preparation to becoming a future Art Camp Workshop Assistant. Many JCIT’s use their experience at camp to fulfill any school-required community service hours.