2022 - JCIT and CIT PROGRAM:
JCIT Teens MUST be entering 7th of 8th grade.
CIT Teens MUST be entering 9th or 10th grade.

The Art Camp's JCIT (Jr Counselor In Training) and CIT (Counselor in Training) program allows a small group of teens to develop skills, emphasize strengths and support their weaknesses as leaders in a creative and safe environment.  This is a five-day a week program.
JCIT/CITs will work M-F for at LEAST three weeks

*You can choose ANY 3 or more weeks that you like
*If you choose 6 or more weeks, you will get one for free!

Our program provides teenagers the opportunity to work with children, peers and adults in a fun, artistic setting. It also provides a valuable opportunity for teens to develop their leadership skills and broaden their horizons while being involved in camp-related activities. We believe that our JCIT/CIT program is a tremendous learning experience for all who are involved. Additionally, many JCIT’s use their experience at camp to fulfill any school-required community service hours.
This is a five-day a week program.
JCITs must be entering grade 7 or 8 in the fall.
CITs must be entering grades 9 or 10 in the fall.

ALL JCITs and CITS must be fully UP TO DATE vaccinated and provide a copy of their vaccination cards.
We ask that you sign up for weeks that you know you can commit to 5 days a week.
Due to COVID-19 we can not utilize substitute JCIT/CITs if you miss a day. The only allowed absenses will be for illness (with a Doctor's Note), COVID19 exposure, or school related events (like school registration), and you must provide documentation to prove that.

Partial refunds will be issued if a JCIT/CIT misses camp due to sickness or COVID-19 exposure. This includes JCIT/CITs who are quarantined from camp due to a COVID-19 exposure (within their own household) or a positive COVID-19 test, and provide written certification of the same (with a Doctor’s note). This also includes JCIT/CITs who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms and have a Doctor’s note confirming these symptoms. In any of these scenarios, we will offer a 50 percent refund for the missed days, minus the 5% deposit fee and any credit card processing fees. 

If camp is forced to close due to the county or state authorities before camp starts (June 19th, 2022), The Art Camp will offer a 90% refund per family (minus the 5% deposit fee and any credit card processing fees). Art Camp will keep the additional 10% to cover rent, utilities, operating/planning expenses and other miscellaneous non-recoverable expenses.

If camp is forced to close due to the county or state authorities at any point after the first summer session has begun on June 19, 2022, no refunds shall be offered by Art Camp for any period(s) of closure.