2018-19 Boise Y Team Shirts & Hoodies - Order Now!

The 2018-19 Boise Y Swim Team Uniforms are here!  Please submit the form below to purchase this year's team uniform. The price is $10 for each shirt and the price for the Team Hoodie is $25 (XXL Shirt and Hoodie sizes are $1.50 more for each X after XL).  Tax is included.  Your account will be billed for your order.  No refunds will be issued after the order is placed with the vendor.

Diagram A:  This is the 2018-19 Boise Y Team Shirt.  In an effort to be more of a "TEAM", we expect to see all of our swimmers wear the Team Shirt at all meets they attend.     

Diagrams B, C, & D:  These items are offered to all swimmers but swimmers who plan to travel to meets outside of the Snake River LSC (meets such as Tualatin Hills, Age Groups, Y Nats, Summer Sanders, Kearns) are required to purchase all 3 shirts (Diagrams A, B, & C) and the team hoodie.  We want our swimmers to look like a team when they arrive at a meet, while they are at the meet, and when they leave the meet!
Orders: There are 3 sets of sizes shown.  The first set is for the Team Shirt Only (Diagram A).  The second set is for the Travel Shirts - Set of 2 (Diagrams B & C).  The third set of sizes is for the Team Hoodie.  If you only want one of the Travel Shirts, please use the dropdown menu to indicate which shirt you want--B (Green) or C (Charcoal).  If there is no indication, both shirts (equals 1 set) will be ordered and you will be charged $20 for the one set of 2 shirts.
Once you have selected your item and size(s), be sure to hit the Submit Button!  You will get an order summary and your total amount due and the following message after hitting Submit: "We Have Received Your Shirt Order".  If you do not get this message, please either try the form again or contact the Team Admin (admin@boiseyswimteam.org).


WEDNESDAY, October 25



2017-18 TEAM SHIRT (Shirt A):
Put the number of shirts you want in the box(es) next to your shirt sizes.  
Put the number of sets you want in the box next to your shirt size. One set equals 2 shirts (Diagrams B & C).  Each set costs $20.00. XXL Sizes are $1.50 more per shirt for each X after XL.  If you only want one of the shirts instead of the set, fill in your size and then indicate which shirt you want in the drop down box below the shirt sizes.  The Admin will adjust your amount due when she receives your order.
Put the number of hoodies you want in the box next to your Hoodie size. 
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