Boise Y Swim Team Parent Service Agreement
Parental involvement is crucial to the success of the Boise Y Swim Team. As swim team members, parents are needed to serve on the Swim Team Advisory Committee, coordinate special events, support the Aquathon fundraiser and, most importantly, to help with swim meets.  Being involved with the Boise Y Swim Team is a great way to meet people, have fun, and teach your swimmer(s) about commitment and responsibility.
Each family is required to volunteer 12 hours each year--6 hours every 6 months (hours do not carry over). In order to receive credit for hours worked, families  must verify they have completed their shift by signing the Volunteer Schedule which will be available at each Meet/Event  Hours not worked will be billed semi-annually at $50/hour.  To view our Parent Service Policy, click HERE.

Please select at least 3 areas where you would like to help when needed.

Swim Meets
I understand the Boise Y Swim Team's Parent Service Policy.  I agree to work at least 6 hours semi-annually or pay $50/hour for each hour I don't work.  I also agree to the stated penalty of $25/shift if I am not in compliance with the "no-show" policy. *
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