Welcome to the 2024 GoCorps Application!

Preparations & Instructions

  • The current application is only open to people who will graduate by 2024 or have already graduated. If you are an underclassmen, visit our homepage and click "Start Here" to talk to a coach about your interest in GoCorps and how to prepare to apply your senior year.
  • To ensure this application process moves quickly, please fill in the information requested as completely and accurately as possible.

  • This information is necessary for your consideration as a GoCorps Goer in 2024. In this online application, you’ll be asked about your previous work, leadership experience, and your relationship with Jesus Christ. We'll also be asking some questions about some of your values, moral beliefs and practices.

    Each of these will help us to determine your readiness for overseas service and help us to know which team and location will fit your gifts, experience and background.
  • There is a $75 application fee that you will be prompted to make in order to complete your application.
  • To save your information and return later, you must create an account.

  • Once you create an account, there will be a button at the bottom of each screen to "Save Partial Work" (this will appear only if you logged in to your created account).


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