SSDS Summer Discovery 2019

Join us this SUMMER

Getting Back to Basics: Keeping it Simple with Dirt, Rocks, Wood, Water, Metal, and Air

Come discover the beauty and awe of dirt, rocks, wood, water, metal, and air this summer. We will simply have fun exploring and creating with different basic, natural elements.

Program Options

••• 9am - 1pm PROGRAM OPTION •••
Special offer through February 28th 
Cost will increase to $225/week on 2/16.
••• 9am - 3pm PROGRAM OPTION •••
Special offer through February 28th
Cost will increase to $325/week on 2/16.

Participant Information

••• ALL 2018-19 Current Students ••• 
••• Recent Alumni •••
••• 2019-20 New to SSDS/Incoming Students who are Age 3 by June 1, 2019  •••

Session Selection

Discovery Session I: Digging in Dirt! June 17- June 21

Dig, dig, dig! Come play, explore, and experiment with dirt, digging, and making mud. Get ready to get dirty and messy!

Discovery Session I - Digging in Dirt!
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Discovery Session II: Clunking around with Rocks! June 24 - June 28

Clunk, clunk, clunk! Come use your inquisitive mind to discovery the solid beauty of rocks and be ready to explore all types of smooth, rough, large, and small rocks.
Discovery Session II - Clunking around with Rocks!
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Discovery Session III: Building with Wood! July 1 - July 5 (Closed July 4th)

Build, build, build! Come with your strength to build and create with wood pieces of all shapes and sizes. It will be a fun week of designing wood towers, sculptures, and more.
Discovery Session III - Building with Wood!
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Discovery Session IV: Splashing in Water! July 8 - July 12

Splash, splash, splash! Come delight and play in the wonders of water, explore sinking and floating, and beat the heat with ice. All you need is a little water to splish, splash the summer away.

Discovery Session IV - Splashing in Water!
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Discovery Session V: Clinking on Metal! July 15 - July 19

Clink, clink, clink! Come ready to examine and tinker with simple metal materials. So many colors and textures to make musical instruments, jewlery, or cool upcycled creations.
Discovery Session V -Clinking on Metal!
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Discovery Session VI: Whooshing through the Air! July 22 - July 26

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! Come use your creative mind and blowing breath to explore the science of hot air, gentle winds, floating bubbles, and twirling motion. Air can't be seen, but we will feel it and hear it all around during this week.
Discovery Session VI - Whooshing through the Air!
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Parent/Guardian (Primary Contact) Information

Pick up Information

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Required Paperwork-NEW & ALUMNI STUDENTS

Newly enrolled/incoming students and alumni must have the following forms on file prior to program participation. 

Required Paperwork

An updated immunization record (if current record on file with SSDS is more than 12 months old) must be submitted prior to Summer Discovery participation. 

Allergy Information

Does your child have allergies/medical conditions? *
If current student, has your child's allergy/medical condition information changed? *
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 Allergy/Medical ConditionReaction/SymptomsMedication Required
If your child requires any medications you must supply the school with these medications and complete the following forms:  Medication Administration and Food Allergy Policy, Medication Authorization Form, Action Plan, Release of Indemnification. 

OTC Topical Medication, Sunscreen, and Bug Repellent Permission

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Terms of Participation

As Parent/Guardian, I agree to comply with all Summer Discovery obligations by:

Providing a non-perishable lunch and snack for my child and observing the school's no NUT policy. 

Submitting all required forms no later than Friday, May 31, 2019  No child will be able to attend without completed paperwork on file as per SSDS and the State of Maryland licensing requirements.  

Observing  1:00 pm and 3:00 pm pick up times.  Pick up times are strictly enforced, and penalty fees of $1/minute will apply for late pick-up. Failure to pay an assessment will result in immediate withdrawal from Summer Discovery. 

Understanding that all program fees are non-refundable and non transferable to another individual or other SSDS program offerings.  

Understanding that requests for session changes from one week to another may be considered but are subject to availability and must be made by email. Requested changes are subject to a $50 change fee. No changes will be made until payment is received. In no instance of such changes will there be a refund of program fees or change fees. 

Agreeing to meet with the Summer Discovery Program Coordinators if it becomes apparent that the behavior and needs of my child are greater than the structure provided.

Granting permission for my child to:

- Use all play equipment (incuding water play) and to participate in all activities at SSDS. 

- Be photographed, and for the photographs to be used to promote SSDS.

SSDS reserves the right to cancel any session that is under-enrolled.  Should a cancellation occur, full refunds will be issued.

SSDS Waiver:  I understand that SSDS will provide a safe and supervised environment for my child.  Furthermore, I understand that accidents happen and I release SSDS and its employees and volunteers from all liability for any personal injuries, illness, loss, or damage to property.

I have read and agree with SSDS' Summer Discovery terms of participation. *

Credit Card Convenience Fee

YES, I would like to support SSDS' operations by covering the $2.00 credit card processing fee

By checking this box, I agree to pay a $2.00 payment processing fee on my transaction. 100% of my transaction will be given to Silver Spring Day School. THANK YOU!
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