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Support Crew Membership

Please choose up to three preferred areas in which you would like to work as a member of the support crew. Note that in different areas there is also the possibility of supporting in a digital way.
Please provide a passport sized picture of yourself, depicting your face in a clear front-facing view. This photo will be used for security purposes and as identification on your badge. You can also submit your passport photo at a later date by e-mail to supportcrew@symposium.org.

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Have you been a member of the ISC Support Crew in the past? *

Host a Leader of Tomorrow

Become a host by taking in one of our 300 Leaders of Tomorrow in your apartment. Over 300 students support us with lodging for a week and get the opportunity to meet some of the brightest students and young talents from over 90 countries.
Apart from the great experience of meeting these people, you will receive an exclusive token of appreciation as a present in addition to your goodie bag as a support crew member.
Criteria for lodging are:
- Space for a matress (will be provided by the ISC) or a convertible sofa
- Ideally, the Leader of Tomorrow has a separate room

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