Roslindale Village Main Street Executive Director Application


Roslindale Village Main Street (RVMS), an established non-profit with a 35 year history of successful urban place-making, community development, and local business promotion and assistance seeks a full-time Executive Director to lead the organization.

The mission of RVMS is to promote Roslindale Village as an appealing destination and the dynamic center of our community. We bring together local volunteers, businesses and public agencies to strengthen the Village’s economic vitality, physical appearance and unique local character.

RVMS follows the operating principles of Main Street America. The Main Street Approach advocates a return to community self-reliance, local empowerment, and the rebuilding of traditional commercial districts based on their unique assets: distinctive architecture, a pedestrian-friendly environment, personal service, local ownership, and a sense of community. Harnessing the efforts of local volunteers builds long-term success by fostering community involvement and commitment to a shared vision for the neighborhood.

The position is salaried at $60,000 a year. The RVMS office is a social and friendly environment that offers an opportunity to be immersed in a progressive and vibrant community. The deadline to apply is April 15th.


The RVMS ED coordinates the operations and administration of the non-profit and acts as the “face of the organization”. The ED works closely with the Board of Directors and the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development in addition to overseeing the planning and implementation of the organization’s calendar of events, assisting the Board and various committees in accomplishing their goals, while keeping the organization in compliance with its by-laws, vision statement, and underlying contract with the City of Boston. The ED and the Treasurer collaborate closely on projecting and maintaining an accurate budget and healthy financials for the organization. The ED also supervises two office staff: the Program Manager and the Farmers Market Manager.


As the “face of the organization”, the Executive Director is responsible for coordinating the outreach and communication efforts of the organization with a focus on reaching out to businesses and residents within our catchment area and communicating local concerns to the board. To that end, the Executive Director will:

  • Act as liaison between organization and City of Boston (Boston Main Streets Program as well as various City Departments and City Councilors’ offices) working in close coordination with board of directors when appropriate (e.g. Community Meetings stances, advocacy campaigns, large-scale infrastructure projects or other items in which full board consensus is important).

  • Identify and report to the board changes in social/political climate and help to communicate these to the community.

  • Help the Board and Committee Chairs to forge and maintain relationships with the businesses, organizations, community groups, and other associations that are located in the catchment area as well as various other city and state agencies.

  • Act as primary point of contact for press and media, on Board-approved topics and participate in interviews on behalf of the organization.

  • Oversee efforts to effectively and efficiently provide support and information for Roslindale residents and businesses with regular communication via stakeholder’s preferred mode (i.e., newsletter, email, in-person visits, phone calls, etc.)

  • Stay abreast of community issues, report them to the Board and Committee Chairs (when warranted), coordinate appropriate responses and make suggestions on how to avoid similar issues in the future if possible.

  • Represent RVMS at Community Meetings when a topic and official position has been approved by the Board. 

  • Support marketing and outreach campaigns and long-term direction developed in conjunction with the Program Manager and Committee Chairs.

  • Oversee preparation of the Annual Report and Annual Community Meeting.

  • When approved by the Executive Committee/Board, respond to community activism (i.e., requests for support for licenses, & permits, petitions etc.)


The Executive Director is responsible for the management of the organization. To that end the Executive Director will:


  • Work with the Executive Committee to maintain active 501c3 status and to ensure compliance with RVMS By-laws.

  • Work with the Executive Committee & Committee Chairs to develop job descriptions and operating procedures for Board members and other volunteers.

  • Establish and enforce standard operating procedures and workflow patterns for the office, maintain a safe working environment, and a well-functioning office.

  • Identify and recommend potential Board members and officers to the Board and Nominating Committees.

  • Ensure that all Boston Main Streets district reporting and contract requirements are filed in a timely manner working in conjunction with the board of directors and committee chairs where needed.


  • Oversee and develop operating budget (Quarterly and Annually), payroll, and day-to-day purchases.

  • Prepare BMS Salary and Program Reimbursement Requests

  • Work with Treasurer on developing financial reports to the Board & Finance Committee and on preparation of material for annual tax returns by the CPA

  • Reconcile finances monthly and generate reports for the Treasurer and Finance Committee.

  • Recruit, hire and supervise all office staff (presently, Program Manager and Farmers Market Manager).

  • Support staff with setting quarterly and annual goals for RVMS programs, initiatives, and events.

  • Develop meeting agendas alongside staff and lead weekly staff meetings.

  • Provide resources and professional development opportunities for staff.

  • Develop appropriate job descriptions and use the strengths of staff flexibly to match the skills with current workload

  • Troubleshoot conflicts in addition to nurturing volunteer, staff, business owner relationships 


It is the policy of RVMS that all fundraising efforts must be approved and overseen by the Executive Director.  To that end the Executive Director will, in collaboration with the Board of Directors:

  • Oversee semi-annual resident and business appeals (i.e., mailings, phone banks, in-person asks).

  • Coordinate special fundraising campaigns alongside Board of Directors, including fundraising events and corporate sponsorships.

  • Identify and authorize grant opportunities; write and submit grant applications; review grant applications written by others.

  • Act as primary contact for sponsors of RVMS Signature Events and projects, including writing contracts for sponsors and building out sponsor benefits.

The Executive Director is an integral part of Strategic and Long Term Planning for RVMS.  To that end the Executive Director will:

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for RVMS and communicate these to the board and appropriate committees.

  • Identify opportunities for connections which may lead to future fundraising, better communication, future board members, etc

  • Identify ways in which RVMS can raise its profile among businesses, residents and potential donors.

  • Work with Committee Chairs to develop and launch campaigns and long-term strategies.

  • Work with the Executive Committee/Board to develop organizational guidelines regarding our response to community activism, (e.g. requests for licenses, permits, community petitions, etc.)


Annual signature events include the Annual Meeting, the Chick-or-Treat (Egg Hunt), Winter & Summer Farmers Markets, Annual Tree Lighting, and the Holiday Market. During the COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person events have been canceled with the exception of the Farmers Markets, since they are considered essential. Typically, all non-Farmers Market events are managed by the Program Manager. Both Farmers Markets are managed by the Farmers Market Manager. All events are overseen by the Executive Director.

  • As part of the budgeting process, recommend changes and/or additions to the current list of signature events.

  • Identify staff workload associated with each proposed project and obtain Board approval for projects that will require monetary or staff support.

  • Work with Committee Chairs and Program Manager to develop measurable cost/benefit and then report on effectiveness of projects and events undertaken
  • Split up the work of attending Committee Meetings with Program Manager as needed to support Committee projects (i.e., apply for grants, connect with City Departments as needed, secure permits, delegate volunteer/staff tasks). 
    • Current standing committee meetings for the Executive Director are: Design, Economic Development, and Roslintrail. This can be flexible if coordinated with the Program Manager and Committee Chairs.

Ensure that completed projects are documented, including permitting requirements, costs, gains, efforts required, etc

  • Bachelor’s degree and 3-5 years non-profit management experience preferred.

  • Working knowledge (through education or experience) in any of the following areas:
    City of Boston, non-profit management, marketing, volunteer management, historic preservation, commercial development, public relations, community organizing, urban planning, business administration, event planning, placemaking, fundraising, or small business administration.

  • Well-developed written and oral skills, comfortable with public speaking.

  • Existing comfort with Google Drive, Apple OS, and social media. 

  • Existing skill or willingness and ability to learn other software used in the office environment, including: Canva and Adobe Suite (graphic design); Quickbooks Online (accounting); Constant Contact (newsletter); WordPress (website design); Square and EMerchant (credit card processing); DonorSnap (donor database)


  • You are resourceful. A demonstrated history of showing initiative and an ability to leverage the tools available.

  • You are organized and able to think on your feet. Tested organizational skills and an ability to coordinate and implement dynamic tasks with an attention to detail. 

  • You are a people person who is diplomatic and approachable, with the ability to be flexible in the face of changing deadlines and priorities.

  • While living in Roslindale is not a requirement, you must have the passion and interest to learn about hyperlocal community initiatives and issues in addition to what’s going on City-wide in regards to placemaking, small business development, public art, transit, etc.

  • Hours: 40 hours/week, based out of the RVMS office at 4236A Washington Street; evening and weekend hours for committee, board meetings, community events required regularly; otherwise flexible schedule. Due to COVID-19, the RVMS Staff has a rotating schedule for who and when staff is using the office. Working from home on some days is possible, but walking around the commercial district and connecting with business owners regularly is required.

  • Benefits: 15 days vacation, 8 days of sick time accrued proportionally over the year; comp time allowed on an informal basis as part of the generally flexible schedule; 11 paid federal holidays; health insurance, short-term disability, parental leave available; option to contribute to a SIMPLE IRA (RVMS matching at 3%) after one year of employment.
  • Reports to: RVMS Board of Directors
  • Supervises: Program Manager and Farmers Market Manager


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