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Schedule Change Form

Schedule Change Policy: Time sensitive, deadline 2 weeks after semester begins.

A schedule change will not be granted for:

  • Teacher changes

  • Period changes

  • Elective changes

  • Lunch changes

A schedule change will be granted if:

  • The student does not meet course prerequisite

  • The student is placed in the wrong level of the course

  • Missing a core subject or class period

  • Adding/dropping a team sport or performing arts class (must be approved by coach/teacher)      

  • Senior in danger of not meeting graduation requirements

*Please remember, students selected alternate electives last year and were informed if they did not receive their first choice electives that an alternate elective choice would be in their schedule. 

Year long courses have an A and a B after the course name. If you register for a year long class, you will remain in that course for the duration of the school year.

The Counseling department will review the schedule change request form for the criteria above. If the schedule change is granted, you will receive an updated schedule and if your request is not granted, you will receive notification that your request did not meet the criteria above. Students are expected to follow their schedule unless notified of a change, otherwise their attendance will be affected.

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