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*Students must have an approved transfer request every school year.
I have read and agree (download here) to the terms of this Student Transfer Application.
This is for the Current school year.
This is for the NEXT school year.
For Current School Year (2023-24) transfers
please contact Melissa.Naham@rrps.net.
**Questions regarding athletic eligibility will
be addressed by the School or District Athletic Dept. 
NMAA Rules for Transfer Students Apply.
(Transfers cannot be based upon Athletics).
Students of RRPS Employees are not required to upload grades, attendance & discipline history. 

Reasons for Transfer (If additional needed information is not provided your application will be marked as "INCOMPLETE" and not processed.) *

Special Programs (Check all that apply)

Parent/Guardian Signature (Sign with mouse or finger/stylus on touchscreen) *
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