Rockville Catholic Summer Program Returning Employment Application

Thank you for your interest in returning to RCSP! It is our goal to continue to build, develop and train a committed and talented staff of intructors while merging new talents and personalities with old ones.  As a returning staff member, you bring experience and insight that is vital to strengthen our program.  Finally, we are very grateful for your past service and work for RCSP! It would not be what it is without our instructors.

Returning staff applicants have a strong advantage to new applicants, however, there is no guarantee that returners will be hired. Returners are asked to reapply - providing you an opportunity to discern whether RCSP is again where you are called to serve, grow in faith, and witness Christ's love to others.

Please note that if you are hired and will turn 18 before the start of Summer Program, there are additional steps that you must take with the Archdiocese of Washington, including Virtus training and fingerprinting. Program Directors will assist you in this process. We will contact you after receiving your application to notify you of where you stand in the hiring process. Returners do not need to interview unless they express interest in a different position than instructor (Office Administrator or AfterCare Director.) Anyone who indicates an interest in these positions will be contacted to schedule a time discuss.

Before you begin your returning application, please read over the responsibilties of instructors below.

Instructors shall:

     1. Keep our children safe.

     2. Serve as positive Catholic role models for our children.

     3. Provide sound spiritual instruction and example.

     4. Be punctual, supportive and show initiative.

     5. Be an example of fun and excitement.

“I am third” is a motto by which instructors shall conduct themselves. If you have hesitations about your willingness to put your personal desires on hold for the needs of the children, please do not apply. A document explaining the Professional Code of Ethics for RCSP follows for you to review and sign as part of your application.

We look forward to receiving your application and thank you for your past service and interest in working at the Rockville Catholic Summer Program!

God Bless,
Mike and Annie

General Information

Are you a practicing Catholic? *
Are you CPR certified? If so, until when? *
Are you First Aid certified? If so, until when? *
Are you Virtus trained? (Mandatory safe environment training for 18+) *
Have you turned 18 since last summer or will you turn 18 before June 21, 2021? *
Unisex Polo Size? *


High School