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Media assets (audio and photos) on our website are copyrighted and intended for use under the creative commons Attribution-noncommercial No Derivs 3.0.  If you are a commercial radio station just email us, we may waive the application fee for broadcast news outlets.  But commercial outlets TV and radio must request permission.  Non commercial radio etc... can use it under the creative commons license.  It will help us even if you are a non commercial station if you fill out the form.  Please fill out the following permission request if you intend to distribute our materials publicly or make them avalable to an audience through any medium or technology including print, web, audio, video, film, webcast, cablecast, broadcast, and public performance. You will receive a response within 2-3 working days.

We consider each request and set licensing fees on a case by case basis. We base our licensing fees on the amount of media requested, type of media, intended outlet, commercial or non-commercial use, etc. Fees range from nominal for grassroots and non-profit organizations to market rate for commercial interests.

There is a $100 processing fee for all commercial requests. If approved, the fee will be applied to licensing costs.

You may submit your payment through paypal (recommended method - you do not need an account to use this service, see link below).

Or send a check or money order to Prison Radio, P.O. Box 411074, San Francisco, CA 94141.

After you submit this form, a new page will open with all payment information.

Under special circumstances, the processing fee may be waived. Please contact or 415-706-5222 for more information.
Media in which item(s) will be published, broadcast, or inserted. You may choose more than one. 
List AUDIO items you would like to license below. Include title of audio file and date.
To find titles, search our audio archive for radio essays recorded by Mumia Abu-Jamal between 2002 and 2011. For current radio essays, search our prisoner channels
 Audio TitleDate
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Audio File 2
Audio File 3
Audio File 4
Audio File 5
List PHOTOS you would like to license below. You can find photos by viewing our online gallery. Please include the photo name. 
 Photo Name
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
If you are seeking licensing for a photo you found on another site, please enter a link in the URL field.
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You must submit a $100 processing fee for each request. This fee ensures that we can continue to provide this service to media outlets. After you click the sumbit button below, a new page will open with payment information. Please contact for more information.
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