Don't worry about packing a lunch. Support Pinecrest and save time two Fridays a month!

Pinecrest Pizza Fridays

Pinecrest Pizza Fridays 2018-19 - one form per family

Open to all K-6 students, to preschool students in after-care on PPF days, and to all staff

$7.50 per person
You can buy them all now or do it individually as we move through the school year - your choice.
NEW: There is a 5 percent discount off your total order if you sign up for all PPFs at the same time.
***Orders must be placed by 2PM on the Thursday before. The form will reopen on Friday afternoon (after lunch) for the following PPFs.***  

Select 1 for 1 person for $7.50, 2 for 2 people for $15.00, or 3 for 3 people for $22.50. 

Friday, May 31


Thank you for supporting the Pinecrest School! :)