June Care at Pinecrest 2019

Child Information - one form per child

June Care 2019 Pricing: 
-Before-care Beginning at 7:30AM - pre-pay; $12/child/day 
-K-6 Care 8:45AM-3:30PM - pre-pay; $75/child/day / $85/child/day after May 10
-Preschool Care 8:45AM-12:00PM - pre-pay; $35/child/day / $55/child/day after May 10
-After-care Until 6:00PM - will be billed after use; $12/child/hour; charges will be calculated in half-hour increments and billed after use
-Families with multiple children enrolled in June Care will pay full fees for their oldest child and will enjoy a 15% reduction on each additional child’s fees. Select Sibling Discount button at bottom of form for the sibling(s), not for first child. 

K-6 June Care 2019 - for current K-6 students
Preschool June Care 2019 - for current preschoolers

Sibling Discount: Do not select this button for the first child. This "Sibling Discount" option should only be clicked for each additional child.