Pinecrest K-6 Color Fun Run

Donation Form - one form per child please

There are two options to donate to support a Pinecrest child participating in the Pinecrest K-6 Color Fun Run on Thursday afternoon, 10/17/2019:
1. Donate an amount per estimated lap the child intends to run or walk. Use Section 1 for this kind of donation. 
2. Donate a set amount by clicking a radio button in the second section of this page. Use Section 2 for this kind of donation. 

Thank you for your generous gift!  Pinecrest School is classified as a non-profit organization and recognized by the IRS as a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) institution. Federal Tax ID: 541055578


Section 1 - Donation Per Estimated Lap Run or Walked
Fill in the number of estimated laps the child you are supporting will run or walk.

Section 2 - Flat Donation
Select the amount you wish to donate.


Thank you for supporting the Pinecrest School! 
If you wish to support another child participating, simply go back to the original donation link after you click "continue" and submit this donation. A separate form is required for each donation.
Donations are also accepted by cash or check payable to Pinecrest School.