Change Management Course

After the overwhelming success of our first-course inductees. We are launching the second run 22nd February 2020 of our change management course for facilitators and trainers (and those looking at a career change) who are future-focused to help organisations address culture and technology disruptions.
We have built this with the strong belief that everyone has a place in the future.

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About You

It is important to us that the people we bring into our program are the right sort of interplanetary focused human.
We have a few questions that will help us ensure you get the most out of this course.
How would you rate your level of comfort in analysis, designing and rolling out change in organisations? (1 being lowest comfort, 4 being most comfort) *
When rolling out change, how would you order the following from most important to least important:
How would you rate your confidence in human-centred design and facilitation? *