Wolfsbane K9 Puppy Reservation Agreement

This is a legal and binding contractual agreement between Wolfsbane K9 LLC and a client who wishes to be placed on a list to buy a puppy. Any and all legal matters that may arise will be heard in the court system in the county of Hawkins and the State of Tennessee with each party being responsible for their own legal fees. Parties signing this document agree that they are of legal age to sign documents and enter into agreements in their state and are doing so on their own free will. After each section there is a box to place your initials. This represents that you have read and agree to that section. At the end you will sign and date the document representing your agreement in whole. By completing this agreement you understand that it is in digital format only however you will be allowed to print a copy for your records after you submit the form. Please don't forget to print your copy.

You will be notified each time we have puppies are avaiable for sale. It will be up to you to accept or decline the puppy. The deposit fee is only refundable if no puppy has been offered to the client within a period of 12 months from the exact date the deposit is paid. No more than 15 clients are placed on the waiting list at any time.

All puppies in the future will be priced between $2500 and $3,000 USD plus applicable shipping if needed. 
Puppies imported from our Holland kennel are $4500 plus applicable shipping if needed. 

Delta Dash Shipping:

*Airline shipping is $975 total for puppies to any of the 48 contiguos USA (states) locations. There is a $250 additional fee for shipping puppies from June 1st through September 30th of each year.  The same service is $950 for adults. Other locations are quoted as needed. This includes the vet check, any vaccines needed, crate (you keep it) and delivery to airport.


Before you begin please note that this is only the puppy reservation form and not the full purchase agreement. If we are able to provide your puppy you do agree that you will complete that form and agree to the terms. To review it before moving forward please go to this link.

 Purchase Agreement  The password is knpvph1metlof

Finally, before you begin here are the 7 steps you will go through on the way to owning a Wolfsbane K9 puppy.

1. Complete this form.
2. Pay a deposit online after you get the invoice.
3. Wait to hear from us with regards to your puppy being born or imported.
4. Complete the phone interview.
5. Complete the online contract
6. Pay your balance due at 7 weeks of age.
7. Arrange for the delivery or pickup of your puppy.

Upcoming Litters - Late Winter 2018 and Spring 2019.


Puppy waiting list deposits are only taken online via Paypal which we will send you an invoice from to your email. The deposit is $500. The balance of the funds will be due when puppies are 7 weeks old.


When a client pays a pre-litter birth deposit it is understood that the exact breeding, birth and delivery dates are only guessed at on our part. There is no way for us to predict the exact times a female will come into season to be bred. Again, no specific birth date nor puppy delivery date is guaranteed. We will always keep the client informed. 

The deposit amount to be put on the waiting list for any litter is $500 payable online. You will get an invoice within 5 business days after you complete and submit this form. 

We do it this way to seperate those who want to just talk about puppies from those who want to own one. If you are serious about getting a Wolfsbane K9 puppy we will do our best to be sure you do.

NOTE THIS: Imported puppies from our Holland kennel require a deposit of $2800 upfront. This is due when the contract signing is done.

By signing below all parties agree that they have read, understand and agree to these terms of this document. They understand that this is an online contract and all of the rules and regulations of a standard paper document apply.

Type your full name in the box designated for such. 

You will be able to print and keep a copy of this form for your records once you submit it.

Use your mouse, finger or stylus to sign your name here. *
By typing my information and digital signature below and submitting this document I do attest that all information provided is correct at this time. If any information such as email or phone changes I will notify kennel as soon as possible.
Anytime you need to contact us please do so by emailing michael@wolfsbanek9.com or calling 423.914.2408. If we don't answer please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.
Providing that this form has been completed and submitted correctly we approve the reservation and terms of the deal as a representative of Wolfsbane K9. Our typed signature here shall represent the kennel.
Patricia A. Harold - CEO Wolfsbane K9 LLC
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