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Client Purchase Agreement

This is a legal and binding contractual agreement between Wolfsbane K9 LLC and a client who wishes to purchase a canine. Any and all legal matters that may arise will be heard in the court system in the county of Hawkins and the State of Tennessee with each party being responsible for their own legal fees. In this agreement both parties agree that legal action will be a last resort and sought only after every good faith effort has been made to resolve any issues. Parties signing this document agree that they are of legal age to sign documents and enter into agreements in their state and are doing so on their own free will. After each section there is a box to place your initials. This represents that you have read and agree to that section. At the end you will sign and date the document representing your agreement in whole. By completing this agreement you understand that it is in digital format only however you will be allowed to print a copy for your records after you submit the form. Please don't forget to print your copy.

This contract has been updated on September 9th, 2019

Thank you in advance and welcome to the Wolfsbane K9 family.

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Adult Dog Performance Guarantee
Adult dogs are sold with the intention that they will perform all of the tasks which have been expressed verbally and on the invoice notes section. Since the dogs are trained to different levels many times we place the things a dog is trained to do on the invoice which becomes part of the contract. The performance testing guarantee is that you have 30 days from the delivery date of your dog to bond with and evaluate the dog. This is sufficient time to make sure the dog does the things we have promised. If the dog does these things there is nothing further to do. 
If your dog does not seem to be living up to the tasks we have listed under the guarantee your first move is to contact us and give us specific details about the lack of performance. We may require some video of the dog with you. After an assessment of the situation we will give you guidance on what to try with the dog. Once again we may require some video of the dog and you working. If we see that a problem has developed which we feel that you can't fix on your own we will offer one of two solutions.
Returning adult dogs for a cash refund is not an option and no cash refunds are implied nor should they be expected.
1. You may return the dog to us and we will work out the issues if possible and return your dog to you as soon as possible. The buyer pays all shipping fees.
2. You may request to return the dog for another dog of equal or lessser value within the 30 day period. We will  replace your dog as soon as we have suitable replacement thwt6 meets the terms of your contract. This option is offered one time and buyer pays all of the shpping fees. In addition a return  fee of 10% of the original purchase price will apply.
A full description of the dog you are buying will appear on your invoice. It will become part of your contract and you should print and save a copy. This only applies to the description of your dog. All other terms are here in this document. Your invoice will arrive soon after you submit this form. In some cases we may adjust terms such as health guarantee limits etc. If this is the case those changes will be on your invoice as well in the notes section and they will become part of this contract. This is done because the contract can't be changed for each client however the dogs do vary in age, training and so forth. 
Pedigrees and Registration
You should note that we sell working line dogs mostly from Holland. In Holland most dogs are not registered by the FCI and therefore can't be registered with the AKC in the USA. Even when one parent of puppies is registered with the FCI chances are that both parents will not be. Be sure you understand that most of our puppies can't be registered with the AKC nor any other organization.  There is no guarantee that we will provide pedigrees of parents but in most cases we will.  Our goal is to sell working line dogs with strong drive, health and are in line with what a Belgian Malinois should be. If an adult dog has an FCI and can be registered with the AKC we will tell you however we will not register the dog. If you ask for registration papers later we simply copy this text from the contract and email it to you. Once again, if you want a piece of paper with your dog we are not the place to go to. If you want a great dog we can help you. Finally, in some rare cases we do have puppies who are AKC registered and if they are we note this upfront.
Breeding Rights
Wolfsbane K9 does not sell dogs for breeding however we know that some clients may wish to do this at some point. The following restrictions apply. Female puppies may not be bred until the age of 2 years. If through any valid means of proof the kennel becomes aware of a breach of this agreement a penalty of $10,000 will be charged and collected through a court order if needed. In addition no individual, kennel or other entity shall use the Wolfsbane K9 name, logo, likeness or other material to endorse the sale of their puppies or dogs. If at any time kennel suspects that a female has been used for breeding prior to 2 years old the client will make the female parent of the litter avaiable to have her microchip scanned by us. If the chip number matches the one on file for the dog we sold to the client it constitutes an immediate violation of this agreement. Violation of this policy will be pursued to the fullest extent of local and federal laws.

Health Guarantee

Adult Dogs (Over one year old) will be given a full physical and have everything checked by our vet before it comes to you. If he finds any issues whatsoever we will not ship the dog. This would not only be dishonest but also against the law and airline regulations. Adult dogs are guaranteed for a period of 2 year from the purchase date.
We will replace the dog as soon as a suitable replacement is obtained if the dog is found to have any major health issues that are deemed congenital defects in nature. Also covered will be incurable heartworms, terminal cancer and any eye issues that would cause the animal to be blind in one eye or both.
If you receive a sick dog you must call us within 2 hours of the plane's landing time and explain the situation. No exceptions. We will then logically discuss the best course of action to take for the dog's well being. Even if you disagree with us you must still follow any instructions given to the letter or all health guarantees are void. At no time does the kennel make or imply that we will cover any medical care costs. This is done on a case by case basis. At no time do we agree to provide a cash refund for the cost of the dog as opposed to replacing him. 
All adult dogs are given a rabies vaccination and disease booster before shipment. The booster shot is the same one described below for puppies.
Once an adult dog arrives at your place you have 10 days to have your vet check him. If your vet finds a minor issue (ear infection, small cut etc.) it falls under your care.  If there is a major issue that falls under the categories above you should contact us to discuss a solution.
Puppies  and young adults ( Dogs under 1 year old ) come with a 100% health guarantee through the age of two years from the date of birth. 
We will replace the dog as soon as a suitable replacement is born at our kennel if the dog is found to have any major health issues that are deemed congenital defects in nature. Also covered will be cancer and any eye issues that would cause the animal to be blind in one eye or both. Also covered will be canine distemper, hepatitis, adenovirus, 4 strains of leptospirosis, parvovirus and coronavirus providing that owner can provide a certified copy of vet records which show standard vaccinations have been provided on scheduled. Kidney issues such as urinary tract infection (UTI) are not covered however crystals in the urinary tract, kidneys or bladder may be covered if they are proven to be long term problems and date back to birth.
Hip and elbow skeletal issues are a concern for any buyer and especially those buying a puppy. We are comitted to making sure your puppy does not develop these issues. Breeding 100% perfect parents is one key to making sure your dog doesn't develop skeletal issues as he grows. In the event that your puppy does develop these issues we will need to see how severe they are and whether or not this prevents the dog from performing his job or sport. We will ask for x-rays from your vet and permission to speak to the vet. If the dog does have a legitimate skeletal issue we will supply another puppy to you from a future litter and you may keep the dog you have. Feeding puppies adult dog food with too much protein has been proven to cause skeletal defects in dogs. Please protect your puppy and investment by feeding only quality puppy foods.
The puppy will be vaccinated starting at 6 weeks of age and then every 2 weeks against canine distemper, hepatitis, adenovirus, 4 strains of leptospirosis, parvovirus and coronavirus. The dog will also be given ( at 3 weeks ) Bronchi-Shield III - Bordetella + Adenovirus + Parainfluenza. None of these illnesses are  covered under our health warranty because we vaccinate the dogs properly and on schedule while they are here and have no control once they leave our care. The buyer must follow through with any medical care needed for the dog as routine services.
If you obtain your puppy at 8 weeks old it is still in need of at least 2 more vaccinations at 10 and 12 weeks.
We may ask for records which show that the dog received these shots in addition to a rabies vaccination at any time if you place a claim with us for a sick dog. If your puppy or young adult becomes sick with a terminal illness we may ask that you have the dog euthanized. If this is the case we will replace the dog and pay shipping with a dog of equal or greater value.
If you place a claim with us for a sick dog we will ask for photos and / or video of the dog to be emailed to us. We do not require anything fancy and cell phone photos / videos will be fine. We will ask for vet records to be sent to us and that you give your vet consent to speak to us or our vet at our discretion.

Shipping and Delivery

ALL DOGS: We have our own ground delivery service now. We can deliver dogs all over the USA no matter the age of the dog. Weather also does not impend the delivery. This has become the transportation of choice for 98% of our clients. The fee will be quoted to each client based on the distance. 

Due to airline regulations as well as our own decision making no dog will be shipped to nor from any location that is above or below the airline's set ranges of temperatures. In addition no dog is shipped to areas in danger of severe, natural disasters.

Your dog will be shipped as soon as the weather permits and we can fit the shipping into our schedule. 

Note that your puppy is considered ready to go at 56 days old. The puppy must be picked up or shipped no later than 66 days old. If the puppy remains in our care starting on day 67 a fee of $25 per day will be applied as a boarding fee. This fee will be paid before the puppy is released to the buyer. In extreme cases such as bad weather, sickness, death in family etc. we may waive the fee at our discretion.

First and foremost if there is a problem when the dog arrives such as wrong flight number, dog is sick or any other issues the client will call Michael at his USA number 423.914.2408. Once a dog is left at the airport for departure we are all at the mercy of the staff there to do a good job. We will gladly help you resolve any issues you may have. It will be the buyer’s responsibility to pay for all shipping charges to their nearest airport which handles large aircraft traffic.

Kennel will be responsible for obtaining shipping details from airline and getting the final cost to buyer. No third party shippers are allowed. Kennel is fully open to work with buyer on the best days to ship the dog for a fast pickup on arrival as much as possible. It is the kennel's choice as to which airline to use. NO EXCEPTIONS.

After scheduling the kennel will supply buyer with a copy of the air weigh bill (AWB) for pickup. Shipping fees are to be paid by the buyer to kennel and kennel will pay airline carrier. All you will need is a photo ID to pick up your dog. No discounts of any kind will apply to shipping.

Airline Shipping Prices:

*Airline shipping is $990 total for puppies to any of the 48 contiguos USA (states) locations. The same service is $1150 for adults. Other locations are quoted as needed. This includes the vet check, any vaccines needed, crate (you keep it) and delivery to airport.

Custom Delivery and To Your Home 

ADULT DOGS: We can deliver your dog to your door along with one or two handlers who will go over everything you need to work with your dog. This course on handling may be perfect for the first time dog owner. You'll have us there in person to walk you through your questions and show you some little tricks of the trade. The course will usually last about 4 hours and your entire family can participate. Due to our schedule, booking travel reservations and so forth this must be done no less than 30 days prior to the date you want the dog. Prices will vary due to many circumstances. We'll be happy to quote you a price if you want one. 

International Shipping
We must quote each dog's total shipping on a case by case basis. Many variables exist with laws on importing animals, quarantine periods and so forth for each location. We have a licensed IPATA shipper who will gather the information and quote the fee. 

We will keep you updated on the shipping progress of your dog via text messages during the complete process.


Payments and Pricing: Please read and understand every word of this section even if you do not care to read all sections.

Due to the nature of our business we expect clients to proceed with the payment once a deal is reached. Since nothing is finalized until we have the payment we could run the risk of losing sales because other clients want the same dog. We can accept any type of payment online via Paypal with the following understanding.

Payments toward puppies including deposits up to $4000 may be paid online via PayPal. You can use an card or check to pay online with them.

Payments toward any dog including puppies over $4000 and all adults must be done via bank wire transfer or certified check within 5 business days of the contract date. Adult dogs ready to ship or be picked up within 14 days are to be paid 100% in full within 5 business days of invoice. Adult dogs requiring a shipping or pickup date longer than 14 days are to be paid at the rate of 50% of the total within 5 business days of invoice.

Shipping fees (when attached) are part of the invoice and become part of the total. No shipping is arranged nor discussed until the fees are paid.

Regardless of the invoice situation whether in part or in whole it is due within 7 days maximum business or non- business from thre date of invoice. Failure to pay will result in the loss of 100% of any funds paid to Wolfsbane K9 and no refund is implied nor will be given. 


Our deposit requirements are simple. The deposit paid to us by the client is not refundable for any reason as long as we can still deliver the promised dog. When a client pays a pre-litter birth deposit it is understood that the exact breeding, birth and delivery dates are only guessed at on our part. There is no way for us to predict the exact times a female will come into season to be bred. Again, no specific birth date nor puppy delivery date is guaranteed. If the dogs are already bred we can then give you more exact times. We will always keep the client informed. When a client pays a deposit they should be sure they are going to follow through with the full purchase or are willing to relinquishthe deposit paid. There are no exceptions to this policy. Once puppies are ready to go no deposits are accepted. You must pay in full and we will then hold the puppy for up to 10 days for delivery or shipment.

Please see the above section about Payments for more information.

Dog Training: All Fees Are Per Month or Discounted For Multiple Months

Beginner level training offered by Wolfsbane K9 is the Headstart Puppy Training Program. This training is for puppies that are purchased at our kennel and no outside dogs are accepted. In addition space is limited and we will tell you whether or not your puppy can be accepted. Here are the highlights of the program.

Puppies begin training at 8 weeks before the owner picks them up. Training will take 4 weeks depending on each puppy's rate of learning each task. Commands are taught in English (unless you specify another language). It must be understood by the client that no puppy will master every aspect of training in 4 weeks and the client must use the foundation we have set to continue with training. However, this course will give your puppy the basic foundation to move through obedience much quicker.

The puppy will learn these commands: No, Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Beginning Basic Heel Position, Walk on Leash, Ride in Car, Beginning Socialization. House Training is not part of this course. Crate Training is not part of this course. We will provide you with a document which details exactly how we teach these to our own dogs at the kennel.

You should understand and FULLY AGREE to the terms of training before paying any of the fees associated with the Puppy Headstart Program.

Puppy Head Start Program is $1500 For Puppies From Our Kennel and $2500 for all others.
Continued training rates are noted on our website.

Adult Dog Training: We will be happy to customize a training plan with any client who wants a better dog for almost any purpose. Each case is discussed on a one on one basis as many variables can exist.

Refund of Money Paid for Training: Due to the fact that we sell dogs to many different clients with varied levels of dog handling expereince training is not guaranteed. In other words, we will train the dog and tell you what to do but you may choose not tofollow our directions. This will of course render the training useless. We will provide a video showing the dog performing every exercise the promised training covers. Client is welcome to contact us as often as possible with questions and we are happy to help. However, no refund of money paid for training will be given under any circumstances. In addition we are unable to offer any discounts on training.

Getting Rid Of Your Dog: By selling you one of our dogs we are placing great trust in you to take care of the dog. If at any time you decide to relinquish ownership of your dog from Wolfsbane K9 the kennel has the first right of refusal. If you decide to give, sell or place the dog up for adoption you MUST contact the kennel first. By signing this contract you agree that if you do do so you will pay the sum of $25,000 to the kennel without delay. Please take this seriously because we certainly do. 


At no time and under no circumstance will kennel be responsible for any actions of the dog once it is in the care of the buyer (s). Injuries, harm, bites, damages and all other actions are the responsibility of the buyer from the time the dog is shipped or picked up. Kennel will be held harmless from such in all cases. Bites or damages do not constitute a specific reason for returning the dog. 

By signing below all parties agree that they have read, understand and agree to these terms of this document. They understand that this is an online contract and all of the rules and regulations of a standard paper document apply.

Type your full name in the box designated for such. 

You will be able to print and keep a copy of this document for your records once you submit it. If you are not able to print a copy for any reason please send an email and request a PDF version sent to you via email. It is HIGHLY important that you have a copy of this document to review at any time should the need arise.

By typing my information and digital signature below and submitting this document I do attest that all information provided is correct at this time. If any information such as email or phone changes I will notify kennel as soon as possible.
Write Your Name With Your Mouse or Finger. *
Anytime you need to contact us please do so by emailing michael@wolfsbanek9.com or calling at 423.914.2408. You may also text that number with short messages. Begin your text with your first and last name so we'll know who you are. If we don't answer please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.
Providing that this form has been completed and submitted correctly we approve the sale and terms of the deal as a representative of Wolfsbane K9. Our typed signature here shall represent the kennel.
Patricia Harold - Wade / CEO  - Wolfsbane K9 LLC.
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