Nominate a Champion of Arts Education for 2018!
The Alaska Arts Education Consortium (AAEC) Champions of Arts in Education Award was created as a way to formally recognize and honor individuals or organizations from around the State of Alaska who “champion” the arts in education. AAEC believes these Champions carry the torch for arts education through high-caliber instruction, arts support, and ongoing arts promotion.
This award is a celebratory action, aimed at highlighting the positive impact of the arts on the lives of our children and youth. The efforts of these champions in teaching and supporting arts across the curriculum reflect the mission of AAEC, which is “to advance teaching and learning in and through the arts across Alaska.”
AAEC has designated four categories of Champions of Arts in Education, including
*Arts Educator
*Arts Leader
*Arts Advocate
*Arts Student
Each nomination application will be examined through the lens of the following criteria:
1) The application highlights the nominee’s positive impact on the lives of children and youth in and through the arts as a teacher, mentor, student, role model, and/or advocate.
2) The application describes the nominee’s personal dedication to creating meaning in his/her/their own practice in and/or through the arts.
3) In the case of the categories for Arts Educator, Leader and Advocate, the application highlights the nominee’s dedication, over time, to promote high quality learning in and through the arts for Alaska students of all backgrounds. In the case of the category for Arts Student, the nominee's art work exhibits high quality arts learning in any art form across his or her emerging art practice.
4) The application describes at least one specific account of how and why the nominator believes his or her nominee should be recognized as a “Champion of the Arts in Education” in the Arts Educator, Arts Leadership, Arts Advocate or Arts Student category.
We have included upload buttons in this nomination form. It is not required, but we encourage you to add documentation of how your nomination supports the criteria, above. Letters of support, pictures, and any other support materials may be uploaded. Please limit support materials to no more than three documents (e.g., two letters of support and one image, or a letter of support, and an article about the nominee's work).
You may contact the Alaska Arts Education Consortium Executive Director at (907) 322-6669 or by email at with any questions, or for technical assistance. This nomination form must be submitted by the deadline of February 14, 2018. Once the nominations close, AAEC will review the nominations, and notify nominators of the result of the review. We will ask for your help in honoring your Champion, and will provide materials for that purpose. We will then contact the Champions of the Arts and notify them of their selection following the AAEC's regular board meeting in March, 2018.
We thank you for taking the time to appreciate the arts and your Champions of Arts Education.
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