AFLC 2019 Annual Conference Registration

Please order your meals and room for conference by calling
Spruce Retreat Center
at 800-822-7505
before registering for conference below.
If so please proceed, and thank you for your interest in attending our 2019 - AFLC 57th Annual Conference held, June 11-14 at Spruce Lake Retreat Center in Canadensis, PA.
To register for conference please fill out the information below (this does not include any meals or room reservations).
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NOTE* This is for counts only. Meals must be ordered directly though the retreat center. Marking meals here does not order any meals.

Tuesday Committees
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Tuesday Committee Lunch
Other Special Meals
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Wednesday Chaplain Lunch
Wednesday Bldg Fellowship Lunch
Wednesday Schools Corp Supper
Thursday Missions Corp Breakfast
Thursday ARC Corp Lunch
Thursday Pastors Banquet
Friday FLAPS Breakfast
Friday AFLBS Lunch


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WMF DAY Conference Registration - Tuesday June 11

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