Registration Form - Friday, May 8, 2020 - Worry, Panic, and Phobias: Effective Strategies to Calm Anxiety (Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Abel) Location: Holiday Inn - Elmira Riverview, Elmira, NY

Course Description:
Do you want to gain powerful techniques for your clients who struggle with treatment resistant anxiety, worry and panic? Learn how to assess anxious habits, symptoms and behaviors using effective cutting-edge, evidence-based strategies…even with your toughest clients! Dr. Jennifer Abel will teach you how to stop the anxiety spiral early to significantly reduce the habit of worry and panic using self-controlled desensitization. Experience how evidence-based treatments can help your clients problem solve, reduce tension, and increase energy. Learn unique, effective approaches to mindfulness, cognitive therapy, and exposure, including thought-labeling, interoceptive exposure, and better-but believable thoughts. Case studies, role plays, demonstrations and interactive discussions will be utilized in this cutting-edge seminar.

Learning Objectives:
*Articulate components of the “anxiety spiral” and utilize several evidence-based strategies (including self-controlled desensitization) to prevent exacerbation of symptoms.
*Specify five potential anxiety treatment pitfalls and learn evidence-based approaches to avoid or correct them.
*Implement four mindfulness strategies for treating anxiety symptoms in a clinical setting.
*Evaluate the inverse relationship between worry and problem solving, and identify its implications for treatment of anxiety.
*Examine the clinical presentation of panic, worry and fear of guilt and how they compare to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; learn clinical strategies to stop these cycles of negative reinforcement.
*Develop clinical skills to address treatment-resistant issues, including perfectionism, subjugation, procrastination, hypochondriasis, and catastrophizing/intolerance of uncertainty.


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