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Get your website in front of thousands of our Craft Fair customers. We display your item photo, business description and a direct link to your website, etsy shop or facebook page.

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This service is free to all Member vendors as defined by having exhibited at one (1) or more events with DePasquale Enterprises within past twelve (12) months.
For all New vendors who have not exhibited with DePasquale Enterprises within past twelve (12) months the listing fee is $25 per month with a (4) month commitment = $100. There are no additional charges. NO REFUNDS.
By submitting this form you agree to have your business name (linked to your website) appear on the DePas Market Online Craft Fair for the sole purpose of promoting and selling your crafts.  You also agree to allow DePasquale Enterprises, LLC to use images from your website for the purposes of advertising the DePas Online Craft Fair in our weekly email blasts and other forms of advertising we deem beneficial. All applications subject to approval by DePasquale Enterprises, LLC.  The sale of illegal, obscene or racially insensitive items are prohibited.  All participants are independent agents and agree to hold harmless DePasquale Enterprises, LLC, its' employees and volunteers from any liability, claims, losses and damages whatsoever. All sales are strictly between the seller and the buyer.
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