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Sept 19 Sunday
Selden Fall Festival Crafts & Gifts

Newfield High School, Marshall Drive,Selden, NY 11784
10am - 4pm
OUTDOORS (Rain or Shine)
All spaces 18' x 18' on blacktop
(vehicle stays in space, trailers & oversized vehicles must take two (2) spaces)
October 16 Saturday
Christmas in October Village Craft Fair

All Crafts Only
Smithtown Historical Society, East Main Street, Smithtown, NY 11787
10am - 4pm
OUTDOORS (Rain Date Oct 23 Saturday)
All spaces 18' x 18' includes vehicle on grass
Actual display area 10 x 10 allows for distancing
(vehicle stays in space, trailers & oversized vehicles must take two (2) spaces)
October  Saturday
Northport in October Craft Fair

Mostly Crafts  Some Select Gifts
Northport High School, Laurel Hill Rd., Northport, NY 11768
10am - 4pm
All spaces 10' x 10' on blacktop
Actual display area 10 x 10 allows for distancing
Nov 13 Saturday
East Islip Fall Crafts & Gifts

East Islip High School, 1 Redmen St., Islip Terrace, NY 11752 (District Office Parking Lot)
10am - 4pm
OUTDOORS (Raindate Nov. 14)
All spaces 10' x 10' on blacktop
(vehicle stays in space, trailers & oversized vehicles must take two (2) spaces)
Nov 20 & 21
Hauppauge Fall Crafts & Gifts

Hauppauge High School,  500 Lincoln Blvd, Hauppauge, NY 11788
10am - 4pm
All spaces 10' x 10' in gym
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