Russell County Schools - Bullying Report Form

In an effort to minimize antisocial behaviors in the school environment, the RCBOE has created a process whereby a student, parent, guardian, or bystander may report instances of bullying to the school administrator for further review and investigation. To report bullying, complete this form and it will be reported to the school. All reported incidents of bullying may be investigated, and when necessary, school administrators apply appropriate disciplinary consequences.

Intimidation means a threat or other action that is intended to cause fear or apprehension in a student, especially for the purpose of coercing or deterring the student from participating in or taking advantage of any school program, benefit, activity or opportunity for which the student is or would be eligible.

Bullying means a continuous pattern of intentional behavior that takes place on school property, on a school bus, or at a school-sponsored function including, but not limited to, cyberbullying or written, electronic, verbal, or physical actions that are reasonably perceived as being motivated by any characteristic of a student, or by the association of a student with an individual who has a particular characteristic. 

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