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STOP! If you currently hold an endorsement as a TMHP, MHS, RPFI or RPFII and wish to add an additional endorsement please use a SUPPLEMENTAL application form.

California Infant-Family and Early Childhood
Mental Health Endorsement Application

Materials needed for the Transdisciplinary Mental Health Practitioner (TMHP) or Mental Health Specialist (MHS) and the Reflective Practice Facilitator (RPF I - II - Mentor) endorsements include:

1.     Brief Personal Statement regarding professional background and endorsement interest. View statement sample. 
2.     Current resume or CV.  View sample that illustrates information that you must include.

3.    Signed letter of recommendation on official letterhead from a past or current supervisor stating the endorsement title (TMHP or MHS) and age category (0-3 or 3-5 or 0-5) they are recommending you for.
 View TMHP / ATMHP sample.               View Mental Health Specialist sample.

4.    Brief narrative of your knowledge organized according to the eight knowledge areas (Domain 1) and summary of your work experience supported by reflective practice (Domain 2).
Direct Service Hours and RPF Support accumulated prior to January 1, 2017 may still be used to meet the Domain 2 criteria total. Hours accumulated after that date must be supported by endorsed RP Facilitators
View TMHP narrative example                     View MHS narrative example
Please save all documents into .doc or .pdf format prior to uploading.
Mental Health Training program certificates may not be sustituted for the learning narrative document but can be referenced and submitted as a support document.
*You may not count the same training hours in more than one training knowledge area. *Indicate the number of hours in the course work that applied to the 0-5 age group.

5.    Materials that document training in knowledge areas. These will vary according to where you have received your training. For example, they might include a certificate from a specialized infant mental health training program, certificates of attendance from conferences and community training courses, or transcripts that show coursework that covers knowledge domains.

Reflective Practice Facilitator I or II need the following in addition to the TMHP or MHS items listed above. You cannot apply for Reflective Practice without a TMHP or MHS endorsement.

1.    The letter of recommendation signed and on official letterhead stating the endorsement category (Reflective Practice Facilitator).  This needs to be a different person from the one for MHS/TMHP and usually the person who provided training and mentorship to become a RPF.   
                                                           View sample. 

2.    Reflective practice facilitators will need the names and email contact information for three people to whom you provided reflective practice facilitation. California Center staff will send a request for verification via email.
You cannot apply for RPMentor without TMHP/MHS and RPF endorsement.
Reflective Practice Mentor requires completiona of all of the RPF criteria along with additional RPMentor criteria as listed in the CA Compendium (2016). 

1.    Letter from your mentor documenting the reflective practice facilitation you received that is related to the work you have done to help others become reflective practice facilitators. Your mentor must state that she is recommending you as a mentor to trainees providing RPF to others.
If you are applying for Mentor endorsement without previously holding the RPF endorsement, you must supply a letter in each application specifying what they are recommending you for. Do not use the same letter for both as the endorsements are for different activities.    View Sample.
2. Reflective Practice Mentor applicants will need the names and email contact information for three people that you mentored to become RP facilitators. California Center staff will send email requests for verification.
These are people that you provided mentorship to become RP Faciliatators, not colleagues who were trained with you to become RPF.
3. A 20 minute video and written reflection of your own RPF session.
I. Reflective Practice Facilitator I (must be able to check each criterion to qualify for RPF I)
I am applying for one: (Upon completion of the TMHP and MHS application page, you may choose to apply for additional reflective practice facilitator endorsement: RPF I, RPF II and RP Mentor) *