Harding Hoops Policy

Refund Policy

No refunds!! Only credits will be issued towards future Harding Hoops activities, with the exception of tournaments, Camps and leagues. We must receive notice of withdrawal from a tourney, camp or league a minimum (30) days prior to event start date. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule! Due to the fact event planning and payment for venues, officials etc are done based on your notification of participation we strictly enforce this rule.

Clinics : Harding Hoops policy is to provide one make up class for each 4-6 week program to account for inclement weather or any cancellation by Harding Hoops. If more than 1 class is missed due to weather conditions or cancellation by Harding Hoops a credit will be issued and may be applied to any following session.

Team Harding Elite Training: Trainings must be completed in a reasonable amount of time after payments are made in advance for private/group training. Therefore, all packages or advanced payments must be completed within a 3 month time frame or monies are forfeited. If trainings can not be completed due to injury we will hold funds until the player is cleared to participate in activities.

Cancellation Notice

Participants must give 24 hours notice of cancellation due to personal reasons. If we do not receive notice a credit WILL NOT be applied and you will be responsible for payment of that class. If Harding Hoops cancels a class for any reason, we will notify participants via email and phone/voice message. This does not apply for any event i.e Tournaments or Camps.


Camp - Late pick up

Harding Hoops staff will make every effort to ensure the safety of all children, however it is parents responsibility to make every effort to pick their children up at the end of the class time. There will be a late fee of $20 if the coach has to wait more than 20 minutes with the child and $1 for every additional minute. The late fee is payable to the coach at the time when the child is picked up. If not paid at time of pick up accounting will bill you for the late payment.

Parents must call our emergency number, 301-785-3517, to notify us if there will be a late arrival to pick up their child or children. We, in turn, will notify the coaches. If we are notified an initial $20 late fee will be applied and all other late fees will be waived.


Special Needs Disclosure

Harding Hoops will make every effort to meet the needs of all children. It is the responsibility of parents to notify Harding Hoops  of any special needs that need to met for involvement in our activities. These needs should be listed on the events/programs registration form.

Late Payments
Harding Hoops will make every effort to work with all participants to collect late payments due to insufficient funds. If payment is made after the set due date a late payment charge of 10%  will be added to the outstanding balance. Every 7 days past the due date an additional 10% will be charged until payment is submitted. In case of a bad check due to insufficient funds any charges that are incurred by Harding Hoops will be charged to the participant along with the outstanding balance and 10% late charge. In extreme cases Harding Hoops legal team will be forced to take further action to collect payment.
Harding Hoops holds the right to make changes to our policy without notice
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