Youth Orchestra Afternoons in the Summer

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There are a LIMITED AMOUNT OF SPACES for 2024 Youth Orchestra workshop!

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G-Clef Music Academy has partnered with Partners for Strings, Inc./Partners for Strings Virgin Islands Youth Orchestra to create one month of intense music theory and sectional workshops for new recruits and current orchestra members--June 4 to 28, 2024.  This YOUTH ORCHESTRA AFTERNOONS IN THE SUMMER welcomes children, ages 7 to 17, whether they are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced musician.  The Afternoon Summer workshop wil be held at G-Clef Music Academy, in Mandela Circle, Tuesday through Friday, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. This workshop series is FREE for participants.
This Youth Orchestra workshop series will refine each student's musical skills and give them the opportunity to play music in an orchestral setting.  In the midst of all the serious work, participants are encouraged to make new friends and have FUN!!
Please full complete the G-Clef Music Academy Youth Orchestra Afternoons in the Summer Application.  Please, one application per applicant.  The red asterisk indicates required fields.  There are a LIMITED AMOUNT OF SPACES for this 2024 Youth Orchestra workshop!  We encourage serious youth who are interested in growing their musical talents to apply.  G-Clef Music Academy and its partners have the sole discretion and responsibility for the selection of applicants who participate in the Youth Orchestra Afternoons in the Summer workshops.  All decisions are final.
G-Clef Music Academy's St. Thomas location is at 8A Estate Thomas, Mandela Circle (building with "Music Lessons", upstairs of Cravin' Crabs). IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING THE YOUTH ORCHESTRA AFTERNOONS IN THE SUMMER, PLEASE CONTACT GLORIA GUMBS, PRESIDENT OF PARTNERS FOR STRINGS, INC. AT (340) 228-1126.  All applicant's parents/guardians will be contacted regarding whether their child was selected for the workshop series by Friday, May 10, 2024.
All selected applicants' parents/guardians MUST fully understand that accepting this workshop series that:
1) As this is a FREE program to benefit all participants, the applicant is expected to attend all weekly workshop sessions--Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from June 4 to June 28 at 3:00pm to 6:00pm at G-Clef Music Academy.  A final performance event will be determined before the closing of the workshop series.
2)  If a workshop session is expected to be missed or is missed due to unforseen circumstances, the applicant's parents/guardians will contact G-Clef Music Academy by phone, text or email to inform an administration member of their absence.
3)  If applicant is unable to complete the full workshop series, due to unforseen circumstances or acts of God, G-Clef Music Academy must be contacted immediately in writing.  G-Clef Music Academy and its partners will determine whether the remaining time will be given to an applicant who was not previously selected.
4) It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of each participating student applicant to provide G-Clef Music Academy with the correct mobile phone, email, and mailing address; and to inform G-Clef of any changes in contact information, including phone, mailing and/or email address.
5)  All participants MUST agree to the media release and certification statements of this workshop series.  Once document is submitted, the parent/guardian of applicant accepts to agree to all rules, guidelines, and policies of G-Clef Music Academy's Youth Orchestra Afternoons in the Summer workshop series.

Media Release and Certification

This General Release is intended as a waiver of liability for G-Clef Music Academy, its board of directors, administration, faculty, staff, contractors, volunteers, donors/sponsors, and partners [hereinafter, collectively known as the “Academy”] in their roles of planning, overseeing, instructing, and directing those events and activities normal to Academy’s music lessons/music workshops operations of children and adults. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, in person private and group music instruction/education, organized interactive activities, special performance events, Internet usage, and other typical academic and class activities.

Inherently, there are risks involved in all such activities and in signing this waiver, the parent/guardian acknowledges such risks and agrees to indemnify and to hold the Academy harmless unless such claim is caused solely by the Academy’s negligence. The parent/guardian further agrees that this General Release is given in exchange and consideration for the services provided or to be provided by the Academy, including participation in the activities described above.

Additionally, the Academy uses photographs and video footage of students: featuring students participating in music lessons, music workshops, performances, and Academy-related activities in its publications, promotional materials, brochures, and on internet-based promotional sites, like G-Clef Music Academy’s and/or its partner's website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media.


In SUBMITTING this Youth Orchestra workshop application, I certify that I am 18 years ofr older and I certify that the information provided by me as the applicant's parent or guardian is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.  Falsification of information will result in termination of any granted participation in the Youth Orchestra workshop series.  
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