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This form must be completed by all ECS seniors.
1. Please do not use ALL CAPS
2. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email. 
3. If you do not receive the confirmation email, submission has not been completed and we do not have a record of this form. Please complete the form again and resubmit. 

Senior Student Information

Gender *

Senior Parent Information

  • At the ECS graduation ceremony, the enrolling parent(s) of each senior will have the privilege of presenting their graduate with his/her diploma. "Enrolling parent(s)" is determined as the one(s) listed on the most recent ECS enrollment form.
  • Any parent living outside the home and not listed on the ECS Enrollment Form is/are not considered by ECS as the parent(s) held responsible for the education of the child. Therefore, while welcome to attend the graduation ceremony, any parent not listed on the most recent ECS enrollment form will not be listed as the parent of the senior in any publication and will not receive reserved seating nor participate in the presentation of diplomas
  • Therefore, as a final clarification of the parent(s) to be involved in graduation, please state and spell correctly below the name of the parent(s) listed on the latest ECS Enrollment Form exactly as they will be named in the printed graduation program and announced upon the presentation of diplomas. 
By signing below, I hereby certify that I am the enrolling parent or legal guardian of the above named student, as listed on my latest ECS enrollment form and that all of the above information is true and accurate. *
Parent Signature *

Graduation Options

Senior Graduation Options 

A. Complete Graduation Package:

  • This fee covers
    • cap & gown,
    • 30 graduation invitations,
    • diploma,
    • cover for diploma,
    • senior portrait sitting fee,
    • homecoming senior walk-out expenses,
    • senior banquet for senior and parents,
    • graduation ceremony
      • reception
      • senior display board,
      • two 5x7 graduation photos (one class photo and one student/parent photo), and
    • yearbook
  • A special ordering page will be set up for ordering any EXTRA graduation announcements and other special order graduation items you might want. A link to the ordering page will be provided later in the year when it becomes available. 

B. Diploma Only:

  • If this option is selected the student may also take advantage of a senior portrait sitting. A yearbook may be ordered at additional cost.

C. Transcript Services Only:

  • If this option is selected the student is entitled to a final transcript. 

Payment of Senior Fees: Depending on which graduation option you select below, you will be invoiced for payment. Payments may be made through PayPal, check, or money order. Make checks or money orders payable to "ECS" and indicate “senior fee” and the student’s name on the subject line. 

Cap Size *
  • Senior Homecoming Walkout

    It is the policy of Evangel Christian School that the enrolling parent(s) of each senior will be allowed to escort their senior onto the field during senior walk-out. A senior with a parent living outside the home who is not held responsible by ECS for the education of the child, (i.e. not listed as an enrolling parent on the ECS enrollment form), are welcome to attend senior walk-out, but will not participate in the escorting of the senior onto the field during senior walk-out. 

Name Pronunciations

Although the pronunciation of many names is obvious, some require special attention. In order to ensure that we announce your name properly at senior events, please provide us with the correct pronunciation. If your name is one that is pronounced in a special way, please use the ‘sounds like’ or ‘phonetic’ spelling guide below and email us either the ‘sounds like’ or ‘pronunciation key format’ for your name. 

Sounds Like

A ‘sounds like’ is a familiar word that rhymes with your name.

Pronunciation Key


Key Words

fat, parrot

ape, date, play

ah, car, father


as in ago

elf, berry

even, meet, money

ice, bite, high

as in sanity

is, hit, mirror


joy, agile, badge


as in comply

open, tone, go

all, law


ooze, crew


oil, toy


look, pull


out, crowd, plow


as in focus


up, cut


urn, fur, deter


use, cute, few


united, globule


azure, leisure


Using ‘sounds like’ format: Kim Lamagna sounds like “lasagna”

Using ‘pronunciation key format’: Leslie Costanzo cō stan zō

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