Student/Athlete Participation and Contract Form

This form must be completed by all Evangel student athletes.

Athlete Information

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Parent Information

Purpose and Nature of Program

The purpose of the Evangel Christian School Athletics Program is to provide a challenging and enjoyable sports environment for our young people that is distinctly Christian and that will point them and those who observe them to Christ.
The ECS Athletics Program is intended to be competitive. Therefore, the Coaches reserve the sole right and responsibility to assign players participation time, as determined to give the greatest competitive Team advantage, not with consideration towards a minimum participation time requirement. *

Liability Release

I recognize that a sport and it's associated activities involve risks to players, coaches, and spectators, and assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation, including travel to and from games or other team activities.

I do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold blameless Evangel Christian School and its Athletic Program along with their organizers, sponsors, coaches, participants, persons providing transportation to or from activities, and their relatives from claims arising out of any injury to the player (except to the extent covered by standard team insurance).

Furthermore, I release Evangel Church, Evangel Christian School, and its representatives from any liability whatsoever arising from injury, damage, or loss that may occur while participating in any activity involving Evangel Christian School, either on or off the premises of Evangel Church. *



Each of our coaches has committed to do the following:

  1. I will do my very best to help you grow as a player, a person, and a follower of Jesus Christ.

  2. I will subject myself to the authorities that God has placed in my life, including my church, the

    Evangel School Board and administration, game officials, etc.

  3. I will do my best to exhibit conduct that provides an example of Christian excellence.

  4. I will pray for you.


I make the following commitments to our Lord, my parents, my coaches, my team, and myself.

  1. I will be at all practices and games unless otherwise excused by my coach or due to an unpreventable emergency. I understand that this means I will need to manage my time in terms of my school schedule, study time, completing projects before deadlines, and arranging my work schedule to prevent conflicts.

  2. I will do my best to improve as a player and a teammate. I understand that this will require me to put the team before my accomplishments on the field or court. I will encourage my teammates at all times (on and off the field).

  3. I will subject myself to the authorities that God has allowed to rule over me throughout this season. These authorities include Evangel Christian School, my parents, my coaches, game referees, and officials, etc. I understand that God is sovereign and “His ways are higher than my ways.”

  4. I will take good care of my uniform and equipment and return it in reasonable condition at the end of the season.



I commit to supporting the authorities that God has placed in the Evangel Christian School athletic program. I understand those to be the ECS board, administration, athletic director, coaches, and game officials. I will prayerfully do my best not to criticize, complain, or in any way undermine the leadership position that God has given them. 

Since the program is self-funded, I agree to pay applicable fees as well as participate in fundraising to the extent possible. This commitment is not affected by injury or any dismissal from the team, either voluntarily or as a result of disciplinary action. I agree to care for the uniform issued and to return it in reasonable condition at the end of each season. I will pay my participation fee by the date listed on the school athletics calendar for my sport. *
By signing below, I hereby certify that I am a parent or legal guardian of the above named student and that all of the above information is true and accurate. *
Parent Signature *
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