Weekend Preparation

People Equipment Product (PEP) BE PREPARED for a Great Weekend :)
Each Thursday, please meet with your designated restaurant to discuss plans for the weekend.
Help the restaurant address any issues so that they are set up for success, and follow up again on Friday morning to ensure no issues.
Saturday for Supervisor should be 7-4 at the restarant barring any unforeseen circumstances.


Are all new hires in the system and able to clock in? *
Remember on Weekends call-ins may occur. PREPARE for this by staffing extra. 
Have they been properly trained on Back to Basics Order Taking? *
Have they been properly trained on Back to Basics Order Taking? *
Have they been trained on GSEL Tasks for COVID? *
Have they been trained on GSEL Tasks? *
Reduce any overtime if at all possible. do not cut the weekend, but send these people home first if needed.
Have you reviewed the following weeks Crew schedule and is it POSTED for all crew to see? * 🛈
Has your employee roster been sent to Joann? Send the actual roster; Do not post info to GroupMe. *

Grill Preparation

Check the cooler and freezer for adequate product. Review the order and make sure enough items have been ordered. RE-Check upon arrival to the restaurant on Sunday so that  there is a complete checks and balances to ensure enough product is in the store.

General Operations

All Critical equipment is working properly. Incl credit card readers, printers, registers, q-ing ovens, kiosks, digital menu boards, etc. *
Is your Kitchen HVAC Functioning Properly? * 🛈
Saturday Staffing
Are crew and managers positioned 24 hours in advance on DSPT and reviewed? *
Do you promise that you will meet with your #1DM by Fri 5 PM to ensure that Sunday and Night Shifts are set up for success, and a Positioning Plan is in place? *