Vacation Request

Please refer to your Yellow or Red Handbook for complete vacation policies.

All requests must be approved by your immediate supervisor BEFORE requesting online. Confirm approval FIRST then apply online to verify the time is available and sumbit into the payroll system.
You will be required to enter a unique approval password, so please obtain this before proceeding.

Only 1 person on vacation per restaurant at a time. Provide a MINIMUM of 45 days prior to the requested vacation date. Any Requests for Dec 15-Jan 3 need to be submitted no later than Oct 1st. Holiday time periods require a minimum 90 day notice. Please note the following black out dates for managers and above, below due to our high seasonal area. All requests are on a first come first serve basis, so put it in as far in advance as possible. It's much easier to cancel the request than to try to do something last mintue. Requests will not be approved if they have not been submitted in enough time.

Vacation Black out dates
March 1 – April 20 + Easter weekend
Memorial Day Weekend
June 1-August 15th
Labor Day Weekend

- Minimum of 32 hours per week avg are required for a vacation
- 1 week can be used at a time.

Your request will take 14-21 days for review. Your General Manager will receive an email with your approval status. They should then print or forward the approval to you. Make sure that you have documentation that your request has been APPROVED before taking your vacation. Do not take a vacation without written approval in your hands, as it will not be paid. Call your GM or Supervisor if you have any questions or if it has been longer than 30 days. You will get either an approval or disapproval. You may use the escalation form below to contact a supervisor or director of operations if your GM is not able to solve this issue.
I have read and fully understand the above statement. I have had my direct supervisor approve this vacation prior to submitting this form. * 🛈
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Cash Out Request (Only available for managers and above if you have 2+ weeks. Max 1 week per year) 🛈