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Hi, and Thanks for Taking the time to fill out this form. We will use this information to help our restaurants get better, so please provide honest feedback about your experience. After you have filled out 5 of these forms, we will send you a free extra value meal card by providing it to your connection at McDonald's (spouse, friend, etc).
Please make sure to record how long your visit takes. Our goal is serve you in under 210 seconds from the time you get in line, whether it's front counter or drive thru. This form is designed to be used on your smartphone or ipad.
Use this form to document your visit to a restaurant. It's designed to be used as a full visit form, or a quick visit if you're going through the DT with your family on off time. This way, we can capture the results of restaurants and compile them to build a trend. The questions come from CSO and our company goals. Make sure to record your total time and time from the cash booth to receiving your food. This form can be used on your ipad or smartphone.
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