Payroll Form

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Submit your form by Friday at 4 PM of non-payroll weeks.
Any TEMPORARY Transfers this pay period? (Borrowed employees to or from your store). Verify that they are clocked in for all hours worked! *
Any Permanent Transfers this pay period? *
Any managers that have quit, moved, gone on a leave of absence, or been terminated this pay period? *
If a manager has been transferred, was a pay rate change form completed (if necessary)?
Any crew members that have become CERTIFIED Shift Managers this pay period? *
All new hires that started during this pay period are clocked in with their correct clock-in number supplied by Diane? *
Any Employee Vacation Days/Hours used? *
Any Personal Days used for GM? *
Did any managers attend LT or DM Capstone that should be paid from the training account (and are NOT clocked in for this time) *
Did any salaried managers leave the company or get transferred to a new store during this pay period? *
Crew and Manager Hours are posted in Crew room for them to verify their hours *
I have reviewed each employee's hours to ensure no low clock-in numbers and only current employees are clocked in with correct hours? (Easy way to look at this is in e*rest, active employees, and sort by clock-in number) *
Has the Overnight Hours Bonus Pay Verification Form been completed and emailed to Ms. Helen with the Supervisor copied? This must be done by 9am on Mondays. *