Management Certification Checklist


1 week prior to certification: 

-          Completed Development packet along with all area verifications and GM Internal Shift verification are turned in to Area Supervisor.

-          Supervisor schedules date for certification and confirms with both GM and MIT.

-          Supervisor orders name tag and gets the uniform shirts.

-       Make sure you have a GOLD COIN on hand for certification

Day of certification:

-          Supervisor has shirts, nametag, keys, alarm codes, and certification gift on hand to present after certification

-          Take picture of new manager with gift and GOLD COIN and post to Group Me.

-          Complete pay rate change form (if necessary) and change job title code in e*HR (if necessary)

Within 1 week after certification:

-          Turn in development packet and all area and shift verifications to Steven

-          Announcement made to the management team at next weekly manager meeting

Is the manager Servsafe certified? If not, please put date they are testing. Change in pay, if applicable, will come only after passing servsafe first. *
Has the manager successfully completed Leadership Transitions and their Shift Manager curriculum in FRED? If no, please specify what remains to be completed. *
Do you have the COMPLETED Development Packet, all Area Verifications, and both internal and external Shift Verifications with all party's signatures? If no, please explain. *
Does the manager have already or have they been presented with three manager shirts, tie, and shift manager name tag upon certification? If no, please explain. *
Was the manager presented with keys, alarm code, GOLD COIN and certification gift? If no, please explain. *
Was the manager's job title code changed in e*HR? If no, please explain. *
Will the manager's pay change as a result of this certification? If so, please complete the remaining fields. *
By signing you certify the above information is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and that complete and signed certification packets and development packet will be turned in to Steven within one week of certification. *