Headset Agreement Form

In an effort to increase capacity of customers served during all day parts, to better ensure accuracy of orders, and to decrease service times, headsets should be worn at all times as outlined below. 

Each restaurant with dual lane drive thru should have 7 headsets and single lane drive thru should have 5 headsets.  We have an advanced swap program on all headsets so if one goes down it should be traded out quickly.  We expect headsets to be in use at all times.  They are to be worn by employees in the following order, and if there is a person in one of these positions, then we expect to see them wearing a working headset:

  1.  Drive Thru Order Taker(s)
  2. Shift Manager/Drive Thru Runner (if the Drive Thru runner is not the Shift Manager they both need to be wearing a headset)
  3. Grill Initiator on the primary side
  4. McCafe Specialist
  5. Drive Thru Presenter

The manager(s) on duty is responsible for all headsets and will pay for the purchase of a new headset if one is lost or stolen. The headset and battery count should be marked daily by shift on the safe count sheet.  If a headset is lost or stolen the manager on duty is to immediately contact the area supervisor. If a headset is broken please inform your GM immediately as we have the swap program to get them replaced.  

It is the responsibility of the manager(s) on duty to make sure this policy is followed.  In the instance that any manager is not enforcing this policy, the first instance will be documented.  The second instance will result in a 2-day suspension.  The third instance will result in demotion.  Our ultimate goal is to better take care of our customers through fast, accurate, and friendly service, and therefore increase capacity and sales in each of our restaurants.  We hope that this is also your goal, and that you will help us achieve this by ensuring good communication in the store through the use of headsets. 

By signing below you acknowledge that you have read the above policy and agree to follow it as outlined.

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