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Weekly Profit & Communication Meeting

Extended Monthly Version * 🛈
Begin each profit meeting by reviewing the previous profit Meeting's action items that are standard and urgent.
CSO and P&L beat last year
Daily Store Report
Bonus Opportunity #1 SALES
Bonus Opportunity #2 LABOR
Labor =/-
Does the current week Schedules have correct sales information and allocated/used hours on each day? *
Is labor being met MTD? * 🛈
Show me the 3 Reasons Labor isn't met
Supervisor Should Review Next Weeks Schedule Prior to Posting. Verify Labor % for week
There are a number of things to check if labor is not being met. This should be a focus of your meeting if labor is currently not in line:
Questions and what to check:
- Is the budget sheet available and being filled out daily? If so are sales being met? If no adjust budget sheet
- Look at the 3 reasons labor isn't being met
- Review Labor Pre and Post Review Documents. GM should understand how this works. 
- Using Post Review, how accurate are the projections? Strong Hourly PROJECTIONS are critical to a great schedule. What % are the schedules accurate? Does the GM understand how this works and where the numbers come from? 
- If schedules are being done correctly use ETP w/ scheduled to see why the difference. Look at "minutes lost"
- The purpose of the weekly profit meeting is to figure out the problem before the month ends or it's too late. Dig Deep into this item. If labor isn't being met, this is the #1 issue with PAC.

When it comes to labor, there are only 3 reasons that it was not met for the day, week, or month:

  1. Schedule was not scheduled within budgeted Hours: If the scheduled hours exceeded the amount of hours on the budget sheet, then labor would be exceeded. Used/Allowed hours should be written on the schedule every day
  1. Sales did not meet expectations: If sales did not meet the budgeted sales, it can cause labor to increase. If you have noticed a sales trend, then the budget sheet should be redone for the month. Regardless, throughout the day sales trends should be monitored and adjusted as needed. Very rarely do we miss sales by more than 5%. If monitored, this should have less than 1% impact on labor for the day
  1. Crew or managers work more hours than scheduled. This could happen by a person being added to the schedule after it was complete or someone being allowed to stay beyond their shift. There are many times if you are understaffed, have a no show, or get very busy that this could be necessary. There are other times when it's not needed but allowed to occur due to poor controls. 
Bonus Opportunity #3 FOB (Food Costs)
FOB vs projection:
Daily Stats are completed, reviewed with actions taken. Spot Check *
this item will appear if extended version is selected
Additional Profit Audit Items
Amount Left:
Safe audit performed by supervisor AND safe is 100% cash * 🛈
 Food SAFETY Daily checklist accurately completed 🛈
Working Pyrometer is present in the restaurant *
Supervisor has collected all Invoices from the Restaurant to provide to the Office or Kevin. *
We are fundamentally focused! Ensuring that we are using the daily tools to help improve our shift management will be critical to the success of your restaurants
Are the Fundamentally Focused elements being executed effectively?
Is the restuarnat currently eligible for FF Green's Fees MTD? *
Meeting the target to make bonus? *
1. Pre Shift Checklist *
2. DSPT *
3. Targets/Results Posted & Communicated Daily/Monthly *
4. Pre Lunch Rush Checklist *
Music Playing Inside/Outside (The Light station only) *
Walk the exterior. How does signage, landscaping, and lighting look? Send Stuart any photos of landscaping that looks great or needs attention. Escalate all items as needed.
1. Are all employees in correct uniforms? *
Is the Retention Program active as outlined?
8. Did your Business Results Day take place this week? *
Have you completed 2 SOC's PER PERSON for the month? *
Check LMS Progress either on LMS or using LMS Learner Report *
9. Are the following Hiring elements in place? *
10. Is Crew Room clean, organized and all minimums in place? *
1. Lot and Building *
2. Lobby *
3. Walk-In Cooler, Freezer and Dry Storage areas clean and organized? *
3. Grills, Fryers & Hood Vents *
Are Your Drink Station Nozzles Clean *
9. Are the following Landscaping Items in need of attention?
*Managers- Bring to P&L meeting: DSR, Crew/Mgr schedules, Labor Budget tool(filled out), Ops Supplies, QCR & Inventory Variance report.*
Are there any special events, holidays, and such that will impact store sales, food order, scheduling, etc?
(Example: Football games, festivals or events)
Was this meeting performed face to face with the GM? * 🛈
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