Hamilton Hunt Club Jumper/ Grasshopper Schooling Show Registration 2019

Jumper/ Grasshopper Show Date *

Participant Information

Class Entries Grasshopper Ring ($15 per class)

Beginner Flat Division
Leadline Division
Beginner 1 (Trotted Courses)
Beginner 2 (Cantered Courses)
Intro to Jumpers (X Rails)

Class Entries Jumper Ring (Clear round $15, Classes $20)

2'0 Division
2'3-2'6 Division
2'9 Division
Adult Happy Hour Division (Over 20 years old) 2'3

Total Cost

Administration Fee: Is waived if online entry form is filled out by 11:59 pm Wednesday before the show
Medic Fee ($10) *
One Time Number Fee $10 (riders are asked to keep the same number for the whole summer series) Replacement fee of $10. New numbers required for the 2019 season *
Tax *
Grand Total: 🛈
Payment can be made by the following three options *

Consent Form

I hereby certify that every horse and rider is eligible as entered and agree for myself and my representatives to be bound by the rules of Equine Canada and the local rules of the show at this competition. I also hereby recognize that all forms of equestrian sport involve inherent risk of serious injury or death and that no helmet or protective equipment can protect against all foreseeable injuries. I hereby accept these risks and hold harmless the Hamilton Hunt Club, their officers and directors, officials, organizers, employees, and their representatives. Every entry at the show shall constitute and agreement that the person making it, the owner, lease, trainer, manager, agent, coach, rider and the horse shall be subject to the local rules of the show and accept as the final decision of the horse show under said rules and agree to hold harmless the show, their official, the organizers, agents, employees, officers and directors harmless of any action thereof. Signing below indicates acceptance of all liability for both the exhibitor and the horse entered. Any exhibitor who is under the age of 18 years must have a parent or guardian sign below to indicate acceptance of all liability for the exhibitor and the horse entered

Riders/ Parents Signature (If rider is under 18) *
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