Student Success Early Alert Form

The Early Alert System is a systematic, comprehensive, and cross-departmental approach toward student success and retention. The goal is to identify students in need of support as early as possible and to connect them with the resources that they need to be successful and persist toward graduation.
Please use this Early Alert Form to notify the Student Success Team of a currently-enrolled student who has identified an impediment to their ability to be successful and that would benefit from the team's outreach. 
This Early Alert Form may also be used to refer students to the Center for Learning and Academic Success (CLAS) if they would benefit from additional academic support.
If your concerns about a student are solely related to a lack of attendance, please do not submit an Early Alert Form. Contact the student's Academic Advisor and Department Chair directly instead.
For mental health and/or counseling concerns, please email the Mental Health Counselor, Cheryl Raiche, directly at rather than filling out this form. 


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