This form is used to submit requests to the Pega Community Experience team including creative requests and site enhancements. To report site bugs, suggest content edits, or resolve account issues, you MUST use the external Pega Community Contact Form.
* All requests are reviewed in the order in which they are submitted.
* Priorities are based on alignment with key community projects, current workload, and available resources.
* This form does have "dead ends" based on user inputs that will be clearly noted - please do not submit a request that has a red notice that it will not be accepted as it will be lost.
* Allow for a minimum of 3 - 5 business days for confirmation on an accepted request so plan your projects and requests accordingly.
* The team will contact you with questions or when the status of your request has changed.
* Do not reach out to the team directly as we are currently working on our priority roadmap projects.

Contact Information

A designated primary contact is responsible for all approvals, review, and communication.
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Alignment to Digital Experience Projects

NOTE: Requests that align to established Client Digital Experience initiatives will receive priority attention from the Community team.
We require strong business justification for all requests that do not align to a roadmap project - please be specific in how this aligns to GTM strategy.